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  1. I was using some high-end men's cleansers and moisturizers from menessentials.com for a few weeks and I started break out around the jawline again. I think the ingredients just irritated my skin in that area. I kept thinking "better ingredients" would nourish my skin more etc. But some ingredients just pissed my skin off. I switched back to Cetaphil, use BP, and then Cetaphil moisturizer and it's all getting better. That's my testimony. Maybe I have found my niche.
  2. Whenever i'm in the bathroom, I look in the mirror to check out my condition too.
  3. I can definitely relate to lots of ppl in this thread. Feels comforting to know I'm not the only one. I've never gone on a date or had a gf. I just turned 24. Came to America from SE Asia when I was 15, socially awkward in new surroundings and predominantly white high school. Wore braces and glasses my junior and senior years. College time came and no more braces, no glasses, got into shape. Then came acne. Boy the bad luck just doesn't stop does it? Along with a host of other things, it crushe
  4. I have one of the original tubes Dan made. Then I recently bought one with new packaging and I looked at the list of inactive ingredients and i noticed one or two changes. Did the formula get updated to be more effective or something?
  5. Anyone use Cetaphil? Then BP on it? And maybe Cetaphil moisturizer?
  6. KK

    What is emu oil?

    can anyone post their experiences here?
  7. I keep reading about it but don't know if it works or not. I mainly have red marks leftover from acne in the past. I want to dull out/get rid of the red marks and scars. Thanks. For some reason the search didn't work right.
  8. I also could not stand how heavy and shiny Cetaphil cream is, I switched to Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, it actually seems to control my shine..you should try it. works just as well in terms of moisturizing but much less shine? no breakouts I hope?
  9. I like how effective it is but I frickin shine all the time. Should I switch or is this something I have to live with?
  10. Anyone here use Differin(night) and Benzaclyn (Day). Results?
  11. I currently have only jawline acne. It always shifts from the right side to the left and when one side heals up, the other side breaks out. WTF. I think it's hormonal acne as well. How can I balance my hormones? I take a multivitamin (centrum). Maybe I should increase it to twice a day? I try to eat as clean as I can too. I really can't do much else can I?
  12. Who would you recommend? I have a list here, notsure who's goood. I've been to a few, they were shit. http://www.thecityofaustin.com/physician/p...ermatology.html
  13. With all the derma recommendations, it's not good or something? Just wondering what yawl's opinions are on it.
  14. Then how does one explain the Vitamin B5 thread here? WAY more than 100%
  15. I was reading this website. http://healing.about.com/library/uc_acne_0209c.htm Then I started looking at multivitamins and their ingredients don't match up with the recommended acne-fighting dosages from the above website. Is it advisable to supplement multivitamins with more vitamin B bought separately etc? BTW, their recommended dosages look excessive, what do you all think? I mean, the website recommends taking 100 mg Vitamin B (any of them) 3 times daily....but on the multivitamin bottle
  16. Not sleeping on back? I always break out on the jawline. I hate it!!!!
  17. How does one prevent it from starting up?? I mean,dirt doesn't affect it etc. Starts below the surface. You can't reach that section. Just BP? Anything else? Ican't control stuff like hormone imbalance from stress etc so that sucks. BTW,most of my breakouts happen on jawline area. Anyone know why just that area? Long time ago, used to be on cheeks. Now that's totally clear.
  18. What stores would sell these tools? I don't wanna buy them online, too long of a wait. Thanks.
  19. I have been clear everywhere else but the jawline. What's up with that?? Sweat etc? Rubbing against my collared shirt?
  20. Wow, I just found a good heavy moisturizer. Don't know if it'll work out for the better in the long run... Lubriderm.