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  1. i remember my derm(s) telling me that my red marks will fade around the 6 month area.both said that to me. now its nearly 9 years later and there still there. if yours are still that red after a year then theres a chance they MIGHT not fade on there own.im speaking from my own experience of course. maybe your redmarks will fade on there own. but again if there still there after a year it might be around for many more years(like mine). i waited for mine to fade for 4 years on there own before
  2. i done 25% tca for red spots and liked the results,they(spots) didnt fade completely but faded quite a bit. i actually done 50% tca also about 4 months after i did the 25% and the spots faded even more,but still not completely. the tca left the surrounding area of the skin slightly a little pink but nothing horrid looking.the pink is nearly gone now. i would try a very small area first just to test. just to be safe. i also do 70% glycolic acid once in a while and that also does a decent job of
  3. i also stopped using the vasoline after about 3 days-- i was like forget about it,to slimy,THICK,and nasty and impossible to get off.the crap was just building up on my face. it was hard to get the stuff off cause i couldnt even gentle touch my skin without feeling some pain cause the skin was so super sensitive. it even hurt a little just to let the cool water gentle splash on my face in the shower for the first few days. - my doctor told me to make sure that i ONLY use neutrogena skin cl
  4. i was taking these pills called tetracycline, i had to continue taking them twice everyday,and that also includes all the days after the dermabrasion,there was no time when i stopped taking them. i was told to stop taking retin-A. i think my doctor said to wait 2-4 weeks after the dermabrasion to start taking retin-A again. but i never continued it cause all retin-A ever did for me was make my face really red, i use to be on it for a long time and never saw any results from retin-A. The d
  5. i only had it done once- the doctor said he went pretty deep down into the skin, i was very pleased with the results- the marks nearly completely faded,you would have to look real close to see a red spot. BUT the medication i was on was kinda lousy in terms of effectiveness- i would go a month or two without any breakouts,then just all of a sudden wake up with about 4-5 pimples- and thats what happened- i broke out on the skin were i had the dermabrasion done, and it ended up re-scarring,or sh
  6. i also had a dermabrasion at 24 (2 years ago) - the only way i can describe how your gonna look for the first month is -freddy kruger- - its hideous- but after the first month MOST of the redness goes away- but some redness seems to linger for about another 6-8 months- - it sounds like you have indents (craters)on your face? i didnt actually have that so i cant talk in terms of what results you might expect to get- i actually had REALLY DEEP red spots that have been on my face for over 8
  7. i havent tried it yet because im waiting till next week, i got vacation time coming- and from what i understand,your gonna need some downtime when you do a 25% tca peel- about 2 weeks downtime- i dont wanna go out in public looking like a freak with brown and red skin lol. im not gonna use it on my entire face, just the temples and a little on the cheeks- i only tried a little bit on my forearm to test it out,and you can really feel it, STRONG stuff- but after the sting it actually numb the
  8. i also ordered from loganwood skincare,i got the 25% tca peel(havent used yet).and they answered all my questions quickly and i also had a very fast delivery -you should read some of the user reviews on ebay of ppl who purchased there products
  9. i went through 2 and a half tubes of mederma for my red spots,i was really desperate to get these spots off my face so i stuck with it for a while- ive had the same red spots since 1995- i went thrpugh 2 and a half tubes of that mederma crap,and it made zero difference on my red spots,it didnt help the spots fade in the slightest bit- what worked best for me on my redspots was glycolic peels,so far after 5 peels of glycolic acid,my spots have faded QUITE a bit. great product
  10. peels are pretty effective on the red spots- but i havent heard of ppl having much improvement on indentations
  11. glycolic acid peels- u can get them off ebay--there the best -at least in my opinion
  12. how long did you have your red marks on your face for?? weeks,months,years?
  13. is it ok to do the vinegar method the same day you do a peel(glycolic) on you face???
  14. hhmmm-im not sure if theres a higher percentage then 50 when it comes to lactic-i believe i read that glycolic is stronger than lactic,such as- a 30% glycolic peel is just as strong as a 40% lactic peel-40% glycolic is just as strong as a 50% percent lactic peel,ect ect ect.. i know glycolic goes up to 60 and 70 percent,maybe you should try one of those if you plateau with your current peel of 50 lactic
  15. just curious- what was the strength percentage of your peel???