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  1. Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion, SPF 15 Any details on price would be cool too. Thankyou.
  2. Well im on Tane and currently taking 60mg a day 3 tablets. My face is clearing but i have these really horrid red rash type marks either side of my lower nose, the skin looks very sore and broken. It also gets very dry and when i try and moisturise the dead skin off it makes the skin more red and sore. Theyve been there since the start of tane and i was wondering if anyone would know how to help fade them away or get them to heal. If needs be ill post photos to help show. Thanks very much.
  3. I have never really used anything on my face to help the acne and now im on tane i felt even more like there was no need. However recently from using moisturizer to stop my skin from getting dry ive started getting really sore red marks. These are worst around my cheeks just next to the bottom of my nose. Ive stopped rubbing moisturiser on these parts but the skin seems so ruined that the marks dont fade i just end up with bits of dry skin stuck on in attempt to heal. There quite sore and i look
  4. ive gained the knowledge that acne has no good points, its ruined my teenage years and its effects will be with me for a very long time. Depressing i know but thats how its been for me.
  5. I would just lay on the floor infront of the first mirror i found finding my body clear of all acne. And just lay there for hours i dont know what i would think about but i would be happy. Then get up and get a maccy d's.
  6. Hey guys thanks so much for taking the time to write back, its so good to know there are people that i can talk to and know i will get honest decent answers. I will stop stressing about it and just go with it, ive still got about another 5 months on tane so im hoping by the end of it it will be gone. Im just a bit scared and worried what she would think ive taken so many names and abuse from when i had acne on my face that i dont want to feel like i ever did again. I know that if she likes me al
  7. Ive had mild acne on my face for around 7 years, however after now being on tane for a month and a half my acne has nearly all cleared, i must say i never thought i would see the day but it has infact arrived. However the main reason i started tane was to get rid of my very very bad back acne. I cant believe how bad i really have it, it started about after a year after i noticed spots on my face but just got worse and worse and worse. I tried everything to calm it down but never went to a doctor
  8. Well today is the second full day ive been on the tane. Thought i could be a kinda weekly guide to all those people that want to learn more about what happens when your on the drug before deciding to go ahead with the treatment. So at the end of the week memory premitting ill update this thread with how im feeling, if ive had any side effects and ultimatly how well the drug is clearing up my skin. Im on 60 mg a day which is three pills for me, one morning one afternoon and one evening. So far i