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  1. my pores seem to be easily clogged... whenever i use poisturizer, a little seems to get into some of the pores, so i don't use it. i don't use sunblock for this reason. i'm looking for one that won't do this. any suggestions?
  2. i also read about that study. it wasn't entirely genetic, because they started feeding them food from the western diet, and they did get a few pimples. so it was diet.
  3. walnuts with raisins. it'll make you go and it's really tasty. also, walnuts have alpha linolenic acid in them, the same stuff in flaxseed oil.
  4. that's weird. the irish people i know seem to be the ones who have more trouble with acne then anyone else i know. they seem to get more bumps, but it doesn't look as bad cuz their pimples fade pink, while the hispanic people i know get less acne, but the marks are more noticeable because they have more melanin.
  5. for me, it seems bread and pasta doesn't effect me. my trigger is dairy. if it's alot of dairy. a little cheese once in a while won't hurt me. by the way, i read in a magazine where they did this survey of women that the ones taking in more dairy had more acne. the type of milk to give them more acne? skim milk more then whole or 1-2%
  6. i like the Purpose liquid cleanser... i use one of those cotton pads with it to make sure i get all the dirt off my face (when it comes away clean, the job is done) also, i use witch hazel with the pad. by the way, Brandy, someone told me that bar soaps can clog pores, because the same stuff that holds them together as a solid can clog. not everyone's skin, ofcourse, just those with easily clogged skin.
  7. what's exactly in this proactive facial and can you order it from the company?
  8. yeah, i eat raisin bran. lots of fiber.
  9. be careful. a few months ago, i was drinking soy milk, (wasn't breaking out), and realized i was allergic to it. i drank 1-2 cups a day, for a few days, and each day i felt very lightheaded, and my stomach was bothering me. i just wanted to sleep. then one day, when i was out, i blacked out! stopped drinking it, and the sick feeling never came back.
  10. supposedly, as the tan fades, you're shedding dead skin cells, which we all know can cause acne if not shed properly. that's why they say you clear up after being in the sun, but afterwards, you get pimples. hey, back in the day, didn't they use extreme tanning as a way to combat acne? it could be because of that vitamin D. ( ofcourse, b4 knowledge of skin cancer from the sun)
  11. hey, i never started breaking out til i was around 21. never had the problem as a teen. now i'm 24 and get them - my skin colored bumps eventually turn into pimples. sucks.
  12. you know how they claim they have no direct evidence connecting diet to acne? iodine is the one thing that's confirmed causes acne. internally. but, i've heard that iodine topically on a pimple kills it. my grandmother told my father that, but i'm too scared to try it cuz i'm using other things.
  13. so you're saying that bp works to help get rid of them? i have them too. they're skin colored, so i wouldn't care, except they usually eventually turn into a pimple, which i can't stand cuz it's right on my forehead, for everyone to see! i'm also naturally tan, so when i get a pimple, the mark is darker then on light folk.
  14. hey... i have the same problem! i have skin colored skinny small bumps on my forehead, that if aggravated, turn into pimples. then they go away. but , i have a few more, and i don't want them to turn into anything, i want them gone b4 they get a chance to! i used dr. perricone's stuff - it's magic on inflamed pimples - but i think it gave me more skin colored bumps. salicylic acid doesn't work on these. so, either glycolic or bp. not sure which to use.