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  1. You look great, Petlover! Congratulations!!!! Needling has worked wonders for me and many others as well. The pics are very helpful.
  2. I've done quite a few of them over the past 4 years or so, but havn't had one in almost a year.
  3. this i think is a hit or miss. It has lots of omega 9 and 6 which may cause imbalance for 3, which is what we acne patients need more of. And I've heard somewhere on this breaking some people out Most purported acne treatments are hit or miss It's not an acne treatment to begin with.
  4. Do you know what the difference is?
  5. Hey everyone.....for those doing low carb/low sugar diets, I got some xylitol sweetener today. It's a white powdery substance and tastes OUTSTANDING and not "chemically" at all. It has absolutely NO AFTERTASTE whatsoever, and doesn't have any liquorice taste or bitterness bite to it, either. I highly recommend this stuff if you are looking for a good sugar substitute to use in tea, coffee, etc... I got a one pound bag for 7 bucks or so. Seems like a good deal so far. I have been using agav
  6. Denise what did you use to eliminate those parasites?
  7. I guess you're not familiar with the infamous Time magazine article about the parasites MANY people have inside them. I'm not saying that a Time article makes it so, but it does indicate that it's not so farfetched to think it could be so. R.S. You weren't doing a liver flush or any other bowel cleansing protocol? It's amazing that they would just come out from simply taking some turmeric! Good luck with parasite cleansing.
  8. It makes no difference whether they are or not, what's relevent to the discussion is whether liver flushes help people heal their conditions and the answer to that is 'yes'. Denise is the resident acne.org member who has healed most to all of her health ailments from it (and other holistic treatments) So what you're saying is that they are just the remnants of the olive oil I personally don't believe they are. Saponification happens under VERY strict conditions. It's not random. F
  9. Denise, I understand that it will take several times to completely clear the bile ducts / liver. However, due to the rigors of the regime I dont think I can handle another one for some time to come. In the meantime, I am planning to eat very healthy and avoid anything that might be "toxic" - junk foods, refined sugars, etc. Well that's excellent! Good luck! The more cleared your liver gets, the more it becomes a non-event. I do them and work with no problem at all now. I only flush a
  10. No medical supervision at all, no. It didn't work for me ultimately; made me extremely exhausted all the time. I had to take naps every single day while on it. I took 9-10 grams a day every day for about 5 months and it definitely didn't stop my acne. It helped somewhat, but I was never totally clear while I took it. So in the end, the severe exhaustion just made it not worth my while, especially since I never totally cleared up. I used the Acne Miracle topicals as well.
  11. I understand that, but once you start eating again, IF you start to break out, then you never got to the root of your acne. I agree that the MC is good for you in small doses; I've done 3 of them. However, I found the 1st time I did it, it aggravated my candida terribly. Not while I was on the cleanse...you'll clear up if you do a juice fast too...but after I started eating again. I'm giving you a heads up because I did all these cleanses too, and because the maple syrup really aggravated
  12. Have you read all about liverflushing? You have to flush until your bile ducts are totally clear, which could take flushing many more times. Don't expect to stay clear until your liver is totally clear, and you have addrressed all causes of acne, which includes bowel cleansing and candida also.
  13. If your acne is due to candida, the master cleanser diet will really aggravate it because of all the maple syrup. I love and appreciate the MC diet, but it's not a panacea and will not solve anything acne related at all if your breakouts are due to candida overgrowth. Just wanted to point that out and I wish you much success!
  14. I"m a product junkie and have concluded that Jason's VitaMax vitamin C mask is the best on the market.
  15. Yep, and make it ruby red...that's quite sweet and works well.
  16. You apply 20 percent in a crater several times and that 20 percent is alot more potent then just 20 percent and pretty effective in cross atleast for me. On another note, 20 percent peels wont do jack for the shalowest scar, especially if its old. It was only a safe recomended approach to scarcrash. Sorry to say this again and not to beat a dead horse but what you see after a month is basicly what you get, yea it will improve after an additional 3 months but then again it will probably look even
  17. Am I? s500 got has his collagen form in a matter of days. Do you still think I can expect results when mine is disappearing by the day. And, no, I am not mistaking the redness for the depth of the scars. I have no redness at all. That faded away in couple of days. I am talking about depth of the scar, which causes shadowing. scarcrash...did you read all of the needling threads? s500 is talking about TCA CROSS with 20% tca...that's not much more than a mild peel. I have done 4 ne
  18. I did cross with 20 percent applied several time ( I think its much safer and very effective rather then higher number) I seen collagen really grow and close the wound within days of the procedure. I believe you get your max results at 3 months but you can really gauge the outcome within days. Trick is what yoy put on after the wound has been created, it is very important, and I found that cu3 copper peptide or silicon patches work magic. Patches I think are better at this point. I would wa
  19. Ok, BUT....should they be deeper at this point, and should I notice other scars (shadowing) that was not there before at all? That is where my frustration lies. I cannot answer your question directly because I cannot see what your scars looked like before. Did you read all of the needling threads? The point is made time and time again that you cannot guage the efficacy of needling and tca cross IN PARTICULAR until many months down the road, and this probably applies to other scar revis
  20. You cannot guage what is going on with your skin and the scars until about 3 months down the road after a needling session.
  21. Strict Scrict diet is the ONLY way to cure candida. Sure there are products to help along the way, anti-fungus are necessary as well. To say no need for diet is absolutely crazy. You can try and cure it all you want but when you eat flours or sugars your body will NEVER heal itself. Couldn't agree more.
  22. Here's the beginning introduction of a research paper written by a professor in Canada on sodium fluoride (I'll provide the link so that the rest can be read): This paper was updated in August 1997 from an earlier version presented by invitation at the public forum on fluoride and fluoridation, sponsored by the Chemical Institute of Canada, and CADACT, held at the Petroleum Recovery Institute, 3512-33rd. Street NW, CALGARY, Tuesday September 29th 1992. Note that footnotes and first references p