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  1. Totally, 100% concur with RS. It's impossible...you'll never get it under control otherwise. You have to do both diet AND proper supplementation.
  2. Trouble I havn't croaked, I can assure you. Make sure that it ferments long enough...you don't want to drink it while it still tastes sugary. I've been on this stuff for going on two years now and I still drink it everyday.....
  3. Good luck eating like this for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
  4. Well, it's a possibility...if you have Crohns, you are probably very toxic with pretty bad gut dybiosis.
  5. Threelac is fantastic! I'm glad you are having success with it. I hope that others will follow your lead. You can only eat restrictively and take 35 supplements everyday for so long. Thing is....you don't rid yourself of gut dysbiosis overnight. It's not a quick fix type of situation. I think that Threelac and Primal Defense are the best probiotics on the market...and I've tried at least 10 different varieties.
  6. No one has mentioned probiotics/candida issues, I'm surprised. I've heard that an anti-candida diet along with good probiotics can be a very effective treatment for IBS. Candida is the culprit in many of the gut dysbiosis-type of diseases that are running rampant these days...these diseases were exceptionally rare 40-50 years ago, now 1 out of 10 seem to have them.
  7. Celiac disease does have an interesting connection with gut dysbiosis and candida. IMO one of the biggest problems with celiac in those who don't have the diarrhea, but rather have constipation and other issues, is that there is so much undigested food in your intestines due to malabsorption that the bad bacteria and/or yeast have a huge food supply. It is much easier for these baddies to take up residence when you are providing them with so much food. I know for me personally, after I've eaten
  8. I've read that celiac disease is directly related to gut dysbiosis and/or candida issues, and that good probiotics can help tremendously.
  9. Thanks Robert, Can I start using retin a---or I have a vitamin A cream here---at hsi point or should I let the redness go away? for the fish or flax seed oil, can i use it topically? other have advised cutting the Vitamin E capsule and applying it topically... Yes, I realized I should have used at least 50% TCA peel first..but I did some research and most of them stated that for deep cross method , it has to be 100% to be effective for deep scars or large pores..
  10. Yeah, but if you want to take what they call "blood cleansing herbs" to help cleanse your blood of toxins, it's best to get a mixture of herbs that includes other herbs like red clover, burdock root, etc.....they can help with acne, but mostly if you have mild acne.
  11. Yeah, you just have to chase it with water or something. It's very powerful stuff and yes, it does burn.
  12. Yup, same here. Actually, candida issues and poor circulation seem to go hand in hand, or so I have read.
  13. All those antis probably gave you a terrible case of candida. You should do a candida cleanse if you really want to address the issue. Detoxing isn't going to kill the candida overgrowth.
  14. I purchased colonix and a colon cleanse from blessed herbs.com I think what we refer to as mucoid plaque is really just the excess fiber that is taken by people on these clenases. No autopsy has ever discovered mucoid plaque inside of someone's colon. The real thing is that you are eating 30-70g of fiber a day and other herbs that will stick to the walls of your intestines and it accumulates, then finally it will all come out. Yes, I've seen the pictures. That stuff is the sludge that you h
  15. IB, I tend to go for whole food supplements too. I am in love with Emergen-C, which give you tons of vitamins, minerals, etc....and since you mix it with water, you get a great energy surge. I love that stuff. I havn't been too big on "multi-vitamins" for a very long time anyway.....
  16. I have one much worse than that on my chest and you just really have to accept that it's there and never going away, seriously. I was extremely self conscious about it as a small child but got over it in my teen years. I had open heart surgery when I was 4 years old and was literally one of the first in the country to get that type of operation. My scar literally went from the throat to my belly button back then, but shrunk as I grew. It's still quite prominent but I have gotten over it. It