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  1. I understand! My son tried L-glutamine, Seagest, and licorice exract too. He had little to no results whatsoever. Good luck! I think if you google benefits and testimonials of colostrum, you'll read some amazing stories.
  2. Well, keep in mind my son was taking TONS of other supplements and even a coupla things to treat leaky gut before he got onto high doses of Symbiotics brand colostrum. After reading about colostrum and the health benefits of it, I figured we'd stick with it for a few months to give it a chance. I had a big hunch that his issue was allergic reactions to food based on a leaky gut problem. I'm making this point because he had dealt with other issues related to breaking out....like candida, res
  3. In all honesty, if I could get the fresh stuff, I would. I tried this cheap brand off of Amazon and it literally tasted like buttah. :dance: Symbiotics doesn't taste like that. I think they de-fat their colostrum before processing. Many manufacturers do. We even tried this kit that included colostrum, a fish protein product called, "Seagest", and licorice extract to heal his gut, but it didn't seem to help. All of these things are known to help heal leaky gut, but doing high doses of
  4. I mentioned that we use Symbiotics brand. That's worked very well for us. The IGG count is the amount of immune factors present in the Colostrum. Symbiotics guarantees 40 per serving. I ordered 2 other brands first off of Amazon that were cheaper, just to "test" them and got to really researching colostrum and found that a few factors were important; the IGG count and the manufacturing process of low-temp treating so as not to kill the immune factors and other goodies present in colostrum.
  5. I tried several brands of Colostrum; 3, I think. There are much more expensive versions of colostrum than Symbiotics brand but if Symbiotics works so well, why go to something more expensive, right? Now what I mean by coating is that they coat it in the manufacturing/treating process. So the loose powder is coated....not like you can tell or anything, though. Now it's EASIER to take capsules, so you can get those. We get the 21 oz loose powder version because my entire family takes it, an
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Here's what I think. I think that because colostrum does many things in one supplement, it would be good to take, no matter what your issue is. Colostrum does treat candida, leaky gut, and adds immune factors into your intestine to treat any food allergy reactions. Because at the end of the day, my son's problems were candida-related at the beginning of his acne issues because he consumed all that sugar. Obviously, he is born with a disposition to
  7. You're welcome, Dotty. :) I want to emphasize here though that my son was on every single solitary supplement you can imagine, before he took colostrum. Every anti-bacterial supplement you can think of, he took it...for many months. He took oregano oil, tea tree oil, Threelac, Fivelac, Primal Defense, olive leave extract, MMS, fish oil, multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplements, candicleanse, and "kits" from the "gethealthyagain" website that included the following (see the price tag?): C
  8. Hey Everyone. It's been quite a very long time since I posted here. Actually, it's been a few years. I've learned some things that I wanted to share through treating my son's acne, who is now 16. If you search my very old posts, you'll know that I am a proponent of liver flushing, bowel cleansing, candida killing, etc...... I myself did all of the above and now don't have an acne problem, but my son (who inherited my genes unfortunately) seemed incredibly resistant to all of the above. We
  9. Could be, but I've noticed backne and chest acne clears up significantly after I get my candida under control. Always remember; acne could have multi-pronged causes. It's ALWAYS due to one OR ALL of the following: -candida -congested liver -bowel toxicity/gut dysbiosis -parasites
  10. I had mine removed and trust me....it's much worse leaving them in. They constantly release mercury vapors in particular when you bite and chew. You can do a mercury detox after you get them out. I could *NEVER* get a handle on my candida with those things in. I *had* to get them out because they were cracking and all that stuff. Oh yeah...because they contract and expand with heat and cold, they do eventually crack and break your teeth. Get 'em out, seriously. I have two crowns ($100
  11. Yeppers...clear after liverflushing, bowel cleansing, candida cleansing, etc...oh, and I'm at this site. :dance: :dance: :dance: "Past posts reveal....WHAT, exactly?" I posted here for a few years but havn't posted here regularly for probably 7-8 months. You need to do a search of all my posts so that you can have your facts in order. Your first paragraph is not only completely wrong, but totally laughable as well.
  12. Um.....no kidding, huh? :think: :think: :think: You must not have done ANY reading or research on liverflushing, then. Well, there ya go. :dance: :dance: :dance:
  13. Dude...been saying that for 3 years on this board. Not sure *WHY* people think they can live their entire lives cutting all that stuff from their diet permanently, but if you can get clear from flushing (and other detoxifying methods), then by all means do it and live a normal life!!! Glad it's working for ya!!
  14. Jack Lalanne without a doubt!!!!!!!!! Motor for life warranty...you don't have to CUT UP the fruit and veggies FIRST.....it's a fantastic product. I've owned a coupla different brands but Jack's is the best.
  15. Good grief! What does Accutane have to do with anal sex in any way, shape, or form, anyway? Did you read somewhere that your intestinal tract disinigrates while on Accutane or something, and that anal sex will speed up the process? I don't understand the question at all..... I thought I had seen it all with the drinking piss threads.....
  16. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't jump into this just from reading a thread! You should really read and educate yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SERIOUS.
  17. Don't feel bad...I found out that my trusted dermatologist was an idiot for keeping me on rotating antibiotics for 11 years that damaged my liver and gave me a RAGING case of candida ablicans. Welcome to the club, buddy! :dance: ;)
  18. That's the problem.....your doctor doesn't even understand what intrahepatic stones ARE. Not all "stones" are hard; only the ones that are CALCIFIED are. But hey, if you REALLY believe that "doctors would not lie", go right ahead. We will keep getting clear. On top of that, no one said to "fast". The thread is full of advice as to WHAT TO EAT the day you flush. But, having said that....fasting the day of the flush won't kill ya.
  19. Well then your "doctor" has no clue what intrahepatic stones look like because the pics I've seen of them look EXACTLY like what I've passed. Deja.....I cannot believe you *FINALLY* took the plunge!!!!!!!!!! You were one of the most skeptical about 2-3 years ago. :naughty: :surprised: :clap: Glad it's worked for ya. TOLDJA SO TOLDJA SO. :lol: :D
  20. You can "check" your liver all day long and more than likely, it's not even going to show elevated enzyme levels, even if you have cholesterol balls and whatnot clogging the ducts. That is the problem with doing tests on the liver in particular. More than likely, unless you have cancer or it is severely atrophied, there is no "test" that will show that you have intrahepatic stones you need to dislodge through flushing.
  21. A guy on another board completely unrelated to acne has had tremendous success in treating asthma doing oil pulling. He used to have to use lots of inhalers to keep it under control and says that now he has only had 1 attack in a month. Again...he's not treating acne, but I thought it was great that he's had such good success with it to treat his asthma. Evidently, there's something to it.
  22. You can CURE your food allergies by liverflushing and getting your candida under control. They are both the root causes of food allergies. I had HORRIFIC food allergies and chemical allergies too; I would almost pass out in a craft store walking by plastic flowers, pumping gas, or walking down the isle with laundry detergents as well. It was not an easy life but I had them bad. Leaky gut syndrome is usually the culprit of food allergies and leaky gut syndrome is caused by candida overgro
  23. Again...totally concur with RS. One of the main reasons you become "carb sensitive" is because of candida IN THE FIRST PLACE.
  24. Are you under the impression that glycolic peels do anything for indented scars? I hope you aren't under that impression. It doesn't do anything for indented scars.....