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  1. Cow's milk makes me mucousy and my son reacted to it as a young child (psoriasis and that type of thing). If YOU can get raw milk, cool. Not everyone lives down the street from a dairy farm. Not everyone lives in a state where you CAN go to a dairy farm and obtain raw milk. Get it? That's why you shouldn't be but so dogmatic about this issue. If it works for you, great! You just need to understand that not everyone has access to it and even if they could, they might not want to try it.
  2. Just a few things. The entire planet used to drink raw milk at one time. The main danger with drinking raw milk would be the transportation and shelving issues associated with putting raw milk on grocery shelves for weeks at a time. Baby calves DIE when they drink pasturized milk. The enzymes present in raw milk are very important for proper digestion. If you don't want to drink raw milk, do not drink it. However, it isn't necessarily bad for you, especially if you get it from a reputa
  3. I have been pretty much clear for years. I did not get clear from Colostrum. I do take it though because it's made such a difference in my sleeping, regularity, and mental well-being; not that I ever had struggles emotionally or anything, it just gives me a sense of intense peace and well being. When I did research on it, I read that it helps seratonin levels (80% of seratonin is in the gut, not the brain). I also appreciate the fact that it greatly boosts immunity.
  4. Nope, Denise's son did not improive based on age and improved diet. He had eaten restrictively for YEARS and had 2 clearing spells, but progressively got worse. If people are NOT willing to UNDERSTAND why they are breaking out and take measures to correct it, that's their issue. I said I believe on page 2, that if you had tried EVERYTHING and had not cleared, then colostrum would be a good option. I never said it was a "miracle cure", but emphasized that there are other factors at play inv
  5. That's good to know, Swits. People had mentioned trying it, but no one presented their results from topical application.
  6. MSM is best taken at 10 grams a day for a week and then dropped down to maintenance after that. Im not to sure how effective this would be for leaky gut though because you can get other supplements with a much higher sulfur content. To treat moderate-severe cases of leaky gut, glutamine is taken at 5-20 grams per day. I suggest taking a high dose initially, see how you react and then drop to maintenance. Yes, glutamine is scientifically proven to reverse the damage and heal leaky gut.
  7. No, we have ordered peels from several online sites. The one my son is using is is from Skin Laboratories. I use a lactic acid peel from them. I say you should have good success with Pure Deming. I cannot say enough good about them. They use great quality ingredients, and only want happy customers. They are just great to deal with and very helpful. They quickly answer any e-mails or questions directly.
  8. I don't think we can ever really know the answer to this since my son was on fish oil BEFORE he ever started colostrum for about 3-4 months and I never saw any improvement. But that leads to a greater point that you make here. Leaky gut causes many, many, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. My son has not been sleeping well for many, many, years. I have been using magnesium oil for some months and have come to understand that optimum levels of magnesium is extremely important for sound slee
  9. PureDeming and MakeupArtists are both excellent sites. PureDeming makes very good topicals as well. Their Intense Gel R-ALA is an awesome product for red marks. I purchased that for probably 2 years straight and I can't say enough good about it.
  10. Yeah same thing happened to me. Only for me it was the first 2 weeks no breakouts. Now its been 4 weeks of lots and lots of white zits :( My son started getting tons of whiteheads towards the point where he stopped getting lots of breakouts. He usually got cysts...LOTS of cysts every single day, but then about 6 weeks in with high doses of colostrum, it turned to a coupla weeks of lots of whiteheads, then nothing. It's odd but it's almost like they went from cysts to normal zits to smal
  11. This is good research info from the second link: http://www.orthomolecular.org/library/jom/...v20n03-p193.pdf
  12. I'm thinking the same thing. I just really think this colostrum is starting to break me out though. The same thing happened to me when i was on protein shakes for weight lifting. Started off ok but then i started getting cysts/nodules all over chin. I quit and it reduced, but of course still had breakouts but not as many. That is when i first broke out really bad and i have had acne ever since then. Idk but just seems like a connection to me. Jay i would definitely keep at your
  13. How did you get this cross-brand figure? Do you remeber that Denise's son was taking another brand of colostrum for over three months without any results before switching to Symbiotics. I really hope her son cleared because Symbiotics is that much better and not because it takes 5 months to clear with this stuff. This is my opinion having observed my son during all of this and I personally think that there could have been some benefit from taking the lower doses of colostrum, but I think
  14. Jimpa and Aussie: Yeah, I mentioned quite a while back in this long ass thread that topical Vit C fades red marks like you just cannot believe. One product I've used for quite a few years is by Jason. It's called Ester-C Vita-C Max. You cannot find it everywhere, though. I can find it at the Vitamin Shoppe near my house, but then the Vitamin Shoppe across town doesn't even carry it, and most health food stores do NOT carry it. The thing I love about this stuff is that it's just a quick 2
  15. Yeah there is NO DOUBT that it was the colostrum, I NEVER had acne on my neck before I took it. activeherb.com is where I buy all my stuff but I look up my symptoms on http://www.heavenearthchineseherbs.com/chi...mdnk0lieqdhjt40 ^That has the chinese medicine symptoms... excess appetite/no appetite etc. http://www.heavenearthchineseherbs.com/wes...earch-c-41.html ^That has everything listed in western medicine terms.. acid reflux/thyroid issues etc. They have basically everything
  16. Nononoooo....I was just stating that the parasites or their eggs look like white rice. That's why I used quotations. I wasn't saying that you were eating and then passing undigested rice. When you said, "white specks", I pictured white rice, which looks exactly like a very typical parasite or parasite egg. You can eat an anti-candida diet and treat that, but probiotics and anti-fungals don't heal the leaky gut issue. I said this in my very first post.
  17. Candida tends to be invisible to the human eye in a stool. If you do happen upon a pocket of candida that has deeply entrenched itself in your intestine, it doesn't look like small grains, it looks more like white, stringy, mucous (it is rare to pass this, but it can happen). The "white rice" looking stuff you are passing could be parasites or their eggs. This is not uncommon. Many people have parasites and have no idea.
  18. I just recieved my 2nd 21 oz container friday and they changed the serving table on it. It now says one serving is 1 scoop of 3g. Old one said 2/3 scoop 960mg. Just to clarify, 2/3 of a teaspoon is 1 GRAM. The size of the scoop included is 3 GRAMS. So 1/3 of a scoop is 2/3 of a teaspoon. For me, it was easier to just understand that 1/3 of the scoop included is 1 serving size. Taking an entire scoop is taking 3 times the serving size. Now granted I'm going off the canister I
  19. I agree goodlife...the amounts people are taking are a bit crazy, in my opinion. It's not necessary. You can TREAT your issues by taking 6-8 grams (2 scoops a day). One single serving is one gram, or 1/3 of a scoop. Yeesh. I don't think this is a matter of, "If a certain amount treats a particular condition, then more is going to do a better job". I've been concerned from the beginning of this regarding how much people are taking, and how quickly they are going through the stuff. But
  20. Andersoj; I just want you to know I hear Bohemian Rhapsody in my head for a full day after I see your avatar. That's all I have to say.
  21. Right. While colostrum is very effective for candida, if you're not doing ANYTHING else, it would probably take a whole lot longer to deal with the candida if you havn't treated the candida in the past. I never inferred that people would get clear in 2 weeks. If people read my first post, see that my son ate restrictively for YEARS and that we spent bigtime $$$$$ trying to treat him, why would they think they would get clear in a few weeks? I just don't even know what to say...... :think:
  22. Hey guys.....don't take this wrong BUT I think I've made it clear over and over and over and over and over and over that this isn't a miracle cure. I said that on page 2 or 3. What I have noticed here (and it's always been this way), is that people simply are too lazy to read for themselves. I have people sending me pm's describing their acne and asking what they should do. People LITERALLY want me to micro-manage their lives and make decisions for them because they don't want to take 15 m
  23. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the spit test. I honestly believe that you can tell by other ways. For me, I get VERY itchy ears with lots of earwax, I break out, especially on my back and chest, and I get terrible sugar/carb cravings. And if I eat any carbs....I fall headlong into a day-long carb and sugar feast. I feel powerless against sugar cravings. It's terrible. I never had digestive problems. I never had stomach pain or anything like that. The main thing I had before I got it un