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  1. Well I decided to give this regimen (or at least my own version of it) a try, since I'm currently pregnant and you really can't use any medications or essential oils or anything while you're pregnant... The other day I was at Wal-Mart (a place I hate, I assure you). I mainly prefer my local health food store and the products they sell, but what the hell, I found myself at Wal-Mart and I bought a couple of things, not thinking they would work, but more or less thinking what else do I have to lo
  2. Fine probably to put on your skin but I wouldn't ever ingest that shit--if you eat enough of it your skin will turn permanently gray--it's called argyria I think. Whatever you do DON'T INGEST IT!
  3. I think sandalwood is definitely a good ingredient for acne. I've had luck with it in the past and it smells absolutely great.
  4. I love this thread! I never had a problem with it myself--back in the day when I used to smoke tons of it I had the most fabulous skin---sigh.
  5. Okay, here's an update...I just found out Friday that I'm pregnant. This will be our third child. (totally unexpected, too!). So that news is happy for me but the worst possible news for my skin. My skin was 100% clear last week and now thanks to pregnancy hormones, I practically have a cyst. I've got two big ones on my forehead now. The one I iced this morning, the other I picked at because I was so pissed. So I don't know if I can give you a fair assessment of this soap anymore. I
  6. Weird and ridiculously expensive. Here are the ingredients: zinc oxide, sodium chloride, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, iron oxide, copper oxide, and sulfur (sulfur is used externally only and should not be confused with sulfa which is taken internally only). I thought zinc wasn't an effective topical. Sulfur isn't as effective as other things either, is it?
  7. Dove soap--yikes!! Something you should know about most soap is that it's really alkaline, and your skin is supposed to be acidic, so using that kind of soap will really screw up your skin's natural pH balance. That being said I hate medicated cleansers too and I happen to love using bar soaps--they last forever and for me they seem to work as long as I pick a good one. I just ordered samples of Queen Silver (go4soap.com). It's phenomenally expensive so I guess it's not for everyone. I hav
  8. I can't believe no one else has tried this... Well my samples came yesterday. All the way from California to Michigan in 4 days--pretty quick for 85 cents. The soap samples are as tiny as I thought they would be--I got two bars and combined they weigh about a quarter of an ounce on my kitchen scale. I can see why it's called Queen Silver--it has a silvery metallic sheen to it. The scent is kind of old-ladyish in my opinion though. So far I've washed with it three times and I like it. It
  9. I never had the slightest bit of luck with any SA product...but everyone is different. (and Neutrogena does suck)
  10. Um, thanx but I've done the bp and it's NOT for me. Red marks that last forever, plus, it doesn't actually get rid of my acne, unlike my current regimen. Didn't you read my post? My regimen is WORKING. I have NO active acne.....
  11. So far so very very good! NO active pimples, and I'm even about to start my period. This is fantastic. I think the biggest contributor has been the ACV--it has helped me more than anything. I also started using Jason tea tree gel. I don't know how much it's helping but it's soothing and I like the way it smells. I somehow suckered myself in to ordering samples of Arsoa Queen Silver Soap. I love soap, what can I say. This stuff is like $38 for a full size bar though, so in a way I hope I
  12. I think you should expect somewhat of an initial breakout, but I would quit the bp if it doesn't get better in a few weeks. My aunt, who is allergic to bp, got a huge, swollen face from using it--maybe people have different reactions though, and if it does turn out that you're allergic to it, you could look into tea tree oil.
  13. You don't really have to dilute the ACV; it's just whatever your skin can tolerate. I go 50/50 with water but some people do more water. I only use it on my forehead (my affected area). If you do the AHA, probably just use it on the affected areas too. I haven't tried the AHA enhanced lotion--I was using Kiss my Face Alpha and Aloe (5% AHA) and for me the ACV works better than this.