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  1. Hi all. I am finishing up my last month of Accutane and am already worrying about going off of it. I am definitely going to ask my derm about skin care after Accutane, but wanted to get input from you all, too. I'm clueless on what to do after! What products did you use? Are there any dos/donts for after? Anything at all would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. Congratulations on starting! Your skin looks fabulous in your pictures, but I believe you when you say that you need it because nobody would put themselves through a course of Accutane if they didn't have to. I read most of your log and people have great input. I figured I'd post my recommendations, too. You will find a method that works for you soon enough! First of all, let me start by saying that PRIOR to Accutane my skin was normal/combo and SENSITIVE. I also live in a very, very humid and
  3. Hi! Yes, the pill is one of my two contraceptive choices. My first choice was abstinence. You are supposed to use both forms of contraception throughout treatment and for one month after. I don't think it shows up in blood work, unless you're specifically testing for hormone levels. My blood work last month was taken when I had only been off the pill for a week, so we will see. It's absolutely a big chance and I would not promote this idea to anyone else. If it does show up in my blood work, I'm
  4. Day 47 Hey all! Sorry it's been a little while since my last update. I was out of town and such. My skin is doing pretty well. I haven't had an "active" in almost a week! I'm really happy about that. However, I feel a few bumps on my left cheek that will probably become pimples. Grrr. My left cheek is the area that took a big hit during my IB. I have several red marks, which really blows. My skin is definitely more sensitive and prone to redness. I'm really loving jojoba oil. It seriously he
  5. Hi hop3! Well, I had acne prior to going on the birth control pill. Then, BC cleared up my skin almost to 100%, but I really didn't want to be on synthetic hormones long-term. In addition to not being a fan of the idea, some of the side effects were unpleasant no matter what brand I was on. I had weight gain and hair thinning, mostly. Also, I tried to go off the pill once or twice before and my face always started to breakout terribly again! That's the main reason I decided to try such an extrem
  6. Flushing can persist through an Accutane course and even for a period afterwards. Is your whole face flushed? From the picture, I can't tell whether your face is red due to flushing or simply from dryness and irritation. If your skin is irritated and dry, that will certainly exacerbate any redness. I would suggest applying aloe vera gel (preferably 100% aloe vera gel) to the redness if it feels very dry, hot, or sensitive. Also, please make sure you are using a gentle cleanser and apply a non-c
  7. I'm almost sure that the fish oil, alongside the flaxseed oil, has helped my lower back pain. I'm not 100% sure because I also started exercising around the same time. But, considering exercise could exacerbate lower back painy fish oil has been a big factor, if not, the only factor that has alleviated my lower back pain! I will continue to suggest this to others as long as my joint and back pain remains really minimal and/or non-existent.
  8. thanks cutiie how long have you been using jojoba oil? About two weeks now. You can mix it in with your moisturizer for added moisture, but I apply it to red marks and rub it in well.
  9. Hi! You really pinpointed the two reasons that make acne so terrible. Some days I look at my face and get really depressed. The worst is when I look at my face under natural sunlight. Ughhh. It really can ruin my whole day. Also, my face can make a huge improvement and then, by the next day, be twice as bad. I'm always like WTH. I don't even get my hopes up anymore. I'm sure everyone with an Accutane blog can relate. Dosage-wise, I would definitely suggest going higher if your blood tests allow
  10. Day 39 Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in about a week! Not all that much has been new, really. I can't believe I'm almost 40 days into treatment. I'm so thankful things have been going well. I've been on 50 mg for 9 days now and so far, so good. I have noticed an increase in dryness which I know will probably continue for another week before plateauing. My biggest complaint is probably the fatigue. Granted, I have been going to bed at 2 AM. I've been waking up around 11 AM and have huge
  11. Congratulations on your progress! Your skin looks great! I'm only a week into Month 2 so I still have a ways to go.
  12. Two months is still too early to be expecting big results, but 20 mg does sound like too low of a dosage to me, unless your doctor is planning to keep you on a low-dose regimen. When you see your dermatologist next month, make it a point to tell him you feel your dosage is too low and that you haven't seen improvement. By Month 3, many people start to see a big improvement, or at least, an improvement. Good luck!
  13. I had my dosage upped about a week ago by 20 mg and, while I did breakout somewhat, I don't know if I can attribute it to the increase in dosage. I have read, however, that many people have had another initial breakout when their dose goes up! Considering your dosage went up my 40 mg (which I think is a big jump), I think your skin may have had another IB. At least it's clearing fast, though. Most, if not all, of the good scar treatments can't be used on Accutane, due to skin fragility and sens
  14. I'm a little over a month and had my dosage upped about a week ago so I am DRY. I haven't noticed any shedding besides a bit of flakiness on my face. I have noticed that if I miss a part of my body when I'm putting on lotion, that part will be considerably drier than the rest of me. I literally put lotion EVERYWHERE, so I would suggest doing that . Let us know how it goes!