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  1. Ugh damn Bare Escentuals. One of the most horrible makeup for flash photography...
  2. Well you're gonna want to go to a department store for some nice cleansers. I'd recommend: -Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser or -Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm
  3. When I would use a tissue to blot over my makeup, yeah you do see some of your foundation on the tissue, but not so much that it takes off a lot of your foundation off your face. If a blemish or scar does creep out after blotting, however, just do some light touch-ups and lightly dust powder over it.
  4. I just recently bought Cover FX at a Sephora store, and I reeeeeeeaaally LOVE it! Yeah, I agree that it is difficult to blend, so instead I use a stippling/stamping technique with a triangle sponge and apply to parts of my face that really need coverage. It goes on nicely and if there are still some difficult spots still showing, you just go over it again using the same technique, and I promise it won't look cakey at all.
  5. To use the stippling method with a makeup sponge, you rub the sponge onto your concealer and then start patting/stamping your sponge onto your spots. I've been experimenting this method for awhile with different kinds of cream concealers and it's been working very well for me. Just be sure the concealer color matches with your foundation you're using. Btw I apply foundation first then use the stippling method with concealer afterwards.
  6. Ever tried the stippling method with your concealer?
  7. You apply both the foundation and concealer with your fingers?
  8. MAC studio sculpt foundation > MAC studio fix
  9. How exactly are you applying the makeup?
  10. dude your hella cute. lol.

  11. hey, what's your favorite hookah tobacco/shisha?

  12. I actually got clogged pores with this foundation, even with the face and body foundation that they had too. But I have to agree it is a lovely foundation.
  13. OMG the ghost face look was my biggest pet peeve! Well, it was...until I decided to try Chanel Pro Lumiere Liquid foundation. It's pricey, but for what I was looking for in a foundation makes this little gem TOTALLY WORTH IT. For a foundation that has SPF in it, it didn't make my face pale at all in flash photos!
  14. I second the Purity Made Simple cleanser. A very light cleanser that really does its job in taking off makeup. Plus it smells lovely and doesn't dry out your skin either! Purity Made Simple Cleanser Another cleanser I'm in love with and currently using is Clinique's Take the Day off Cleansing Balm. It's like a wax where when you apply it to your dry face and massage, it breaks up your makeup, making it easy to rinse off. There's no smell to it, but this doesn't dry out your skin either.
  15. I second the purchasing of a waterproof eyeliner!