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  1. smoking may AGGREVATE acne, but it does not CAUSE acne.
  2. im a bit uncomfortable about coconut oil because it MAY clog your pores...but some people use it as a moisturizer and it has done wonders...
  3. try taking in doses of vitamin c as well, good for the skin too. i like using all natural oils in my soap, i had one made that is neem based which has some sandalwood oil, turmeric, lavender and chamomille...love it to death
  4. the neem is in the moisturizer my moms friend made, the ingredients are in the very first post. yeah i dont put stuff on my face anymore really, i was looking for a natural soap and the reason i chose coalface was because it was the only soap i could find that had sandalwook oil. so besides the soap i have the moisturizer with neem leaf. im still waiting for the soap i had made though. i honestly believe that putting chemicals on your face is not the way to go...well for me at least...and im hap
  5. there are a lot out there, you can try neem, sandalwood, other essential oils.
  6. AM: wash with Lush coalface (moisturize after if needed) 1g flaxseed oil 1g msm Lunch: 1g flaxseed oil 1g msm PM: wash with Lush coalface (moisturize afterwards) 1g flaxseed oil 1g msm a glass of water with /acv
  7. well i must say i am very pleased. i havent changed anything in my regimen, and i dont use any topicals whatsoever...and my acne is almost clearing =) the only thing i can attribute that too is the neem leaves in the moisturizer, i cant wait for the soap i just had made.
  8. thats the one thing that scared me though...clogging. i checked all the ingredients and none of them clog..so im happy knowing that. her mom wont make bar soaps cause you need synthetics (aka chemicals) for bar, so shell only make liquid...which id rather use. ill try to ask for a neem soap.
  9. i would say i have dry skin...horribly dry after i wash my face. i gave it a try last night..it wasnt as bad and as oily as i thought it would have been. everything was absorbed right in, and theres no shine whatsoever so im glad about that. i believe she used oils and not powders. i wanted to give neem a try and this is essentially my neem moisturizer...wanna give neep soap a go as well. what are other good moisturizer bases apart from almond oil?
  10. i have a friend whos mom makes some natural products. i asked her to specifically make me a moisturizer that has neem in it, leaves oil or bark or a combination of both. these are the ingredients of the end product: -almond oil (almond oil based) -neem leaves -sandalwood essence -aloe vera -basil flower -chamomile flower what do you think? im thinking of asking her to make me a facial soap as well
  11. i think it would be best to check the ingredients themselves. sometimes companies like to put non-comodogenic knowing everyone is looking for something that will not clog our pores
  12. carrot juice does wonders for my forehead as it helps cleans the liver. im not sure about neck acne or jawline acne..im still trying to figure that out. anyone?
  13. if you want to drink something that cleans the bowels try a salt water flush...
  14. yeah i think it really does. i also know there is what you call laugh therapy, were you laugh every morning..helps lower stress levels.
  15. curious question. when you see the word with UV filters on a moisturizer, does that mean it has some sort of sun protection? like spf? im currently using nivea for men with Q10 and was just wondering about this.