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  1. i know i didn't spell minocyclin right but whatever. here is my question. i have been off minocyclin for about a week and my skin is clearer than ever. Notta zit at all!!! I was on minocyclin for about 4 or 5 months and i didn't notice much of a difference. Then, when my doc lowered the dossage from 100 miligrams to 50 a months ago, my skin actually cleared more. She also stuck me on a face wash that i think has worked wonders. But a week ago i got headaches and once i got off the minocy
  2. I just started taking B5 last night. lol. I'm hoping for great stuff. although actually my acne has almost 100% cleared up from differin and brevoxly-4 creamy wash but i got off the antibotics i was on so i wanted to replace it with something. i have the idea that it kills more of the bacteria than just make your face less oily. That's my thought although i could be wrong. I used to have really oily skin even though I was on alot of meds for acne but i tried something different. I use AL
  3. My doc only perscribed low doses to help me clear up quickly while the Differin and wash kicked into gear. The wash I'm using is some Peroxide Wash she perscribed. I was thinking about it today and I don't think the anibotic really did anything because my skin really started looking better the last few weeks after I started on the wash. It was supposed to kick in 6 weeks after I started using it and nothing happened. I'm also scared to stay on it because it can screw up your body being on an
  4. I would agree with the fact that milk is bad for your skin and overall health. Do you have any idea what they do to that stuff? They add a bunch of crap, hormons and all (as if we didn't already have enough of that). I stay clear of milk if at all possible and my skin is getting better all the time. I also take omega-3, E and folic acid. Oh yes, also I take two things of black strap molassas twice a day to help with calcium from not drinking milk. I love chocolate so I indulge once in a wh
  5. I started breaking out with mild acne back in Oct and now, after going to the derm for the first time in Jan. and being perscribed differin and Minocycline, I'm getting off Minocycline. Right now I'm 100% clear. I'm worried that I will start breaking out again. I'm also on differn and an acne wash that has worked really well. The best improvments in my skin were after I started using the acne wash, the clogged pores are even almost all gone. Anyway, I'm only on 50mg of Minocycline a day so
  6. Why does God let us go through having acne? Why does God let us go through any pain? The answear is for our eternal benifit because He loves us. Do you know the passage that says every hair is numbered? It's true of every zit too. Before the beginnign of the world he planned every zit that would happen because HE LOVES YOU and wants you to grow in Him and stop relying on your own perfection because you will never be perfect. Blemishes are such a wonderful reminder that we are human, not go