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  1. hmm is it bad to take on a dialy bases? will u get tolerent to it?
  2. y dont u just use protein?
  3. thanks for the reply anthony.. i do have emu oil in hand. bought it for my stretch marks but never worked. but putting it on before u u go in the day? the emu oil i use stays greasy or moist.. how would it look under my eyes? i guess ill try it tonight thanks man. edit.. and i dunno man haha i still think ur before/after pics are photoshopped. its just amazing..
  4. i know i dont care but. its very uncomfortable when u always get asked that. and i do workout i workout four days a week. and water is the only thing i drink. www.hylexin.com should i get some of that? costs alot though. i just ordered some hopefully it works. i've tried eye creams night ones. but when i use it it makes me look worst in the morning. and this just happen the past two days. i talk to a friend on webcam and two days in a row he asks me did i just wake up or something. how can u
  5. thanks for the reply.. yeah my under eye part is puffy all the time and sometimes dark. i think i look ok but everytime i see someone they always ask me if i just woke up.. and what i hate most is are u fucked up? like drinking wise.. or stoned wise.. i get my sleep in. i dont feel tired. even when i think i had the best nights sleep someone would ask me if i just woke up. thats what pisses me off
  6. hello im 23 male and whenever someone sees me they always ask if i just woke up or sometimes am i stoned.. which im never any of those. i get my 8 hours of sleep and i dont do drugs of any kind. plz help. makes me very uncomfortable. i dont even feel like leaving the house.. i always get people asking me that question.
  7. i dunno about u but most of the time i always get this said to me "did u just wake up or something?" when i've been awake for most of the days i had a great sleep they still ask that. i hate it.
  8. i dont think so.. or else they wouldnt be here
  9. umm when i was younger i was dating a girl. and she used to put this stuff on her face at night for the whole night and her skin was beautiful i did it a night and woke up w/ no zits .. well i didnt have any at that time it was about 8 grade haha.
  10. where can i get this so called red tea? im in cali
  11. umm i just went out and bought some its just a supplement. it is a natural combination of phospholipids, choline, inositol,and the essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic). well thats what it says on the containor enjoy!
  12. yeah scary. but he is a doctor and all the people there that has bad skin before now they have really beautiful skin.. and he made a cleansing line product. u use it w/ the regimen. and my moms friend uses their stuff and she has nice skin now.
  13. OMG!!!! thats all i can say. they have this umm visual thingy they put on ur face pores etc. on a monitor, u can see under ur skin. and when he put it on my nose omg! u can see all the black heads etc. and all the pimples i popped. they told me not to pop my pimples. told me to get lecithin 1200mg 2 am 2 pm vit. c 1000mg 2 am 2 pm vit. e 1000mg 2 am 2 pm and go to pharmacy get clyamdychine or something i dunno i forgot lol and then use their product. i saw before/after pics they look good.
  14. lol saw this on ebay what do u guyz think? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5573632756&rd=1
  15. dude! ur before and after pics look amazing.. looks shopped but i doubt it u got soo white on ur after pic. good job. but i dont think i can do ur regimen too hard.
  16. im sorry guyz. but i dont think my body will get used to it. i've been drinking alot of water a day for almost a year now. every day is the same. i dont guzzle it down either i maybe drink half a cup at a time or maybe less. ever 30 mins. to 15 or so. ill see how it goes.
  17. i hate driinking water!!!! it makes me go pee too much in a day.. i have to go every 15 mins.. when i drive somewhere i have to stop to pee cuz im so full of piss. sucks man. everytime i drive somewhere i have to go. is something wrong w/ me or my bladder? i drink about i dunno how much i drink but its not that much about 5 cups a day. sometimes alotmore on workout days. arghh!!
  18. just to let u guyz konw that i bought some of the vitamins from that site ill let u guyz know how it goes..