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  1. brokeninside

    Cakey Make-up

    Cool, I have taken all on board. Hopefully, something works for me! Thanks x
  2. brokeninside

    Cakey Make-up

    Hey, thanks for all the advice. My daily skincare is a "less is more" take on things. Basically, I wash with warm water, then cold. Some cleansers are too harsh. On days where i use make-up or have dermaroller, I use Simple cleanser. It was recommended by my derm. This approach actually works for my active acne. I exfoliate once a week and steam my face maybe a few times a year. I sometimes use Olive oil as a make-up remover. For me, it works better than any brand one. They are too drying.
  3. brokeninside

    Cakey Make-up

    Hey. thanks for the advice. I have never tried Maybelline, I'll give it a go. I use either Eucerin or Aveeno moisturiser and they work fine but as soon as i blend my make up, it's just not smooth, let's put it this way, you can tell I have make up on...like, I have applied it very badly. I have got smashbox primer and I really like it but again when I applied a foundation on top, it looked caked.
  4. brokeninside

    Cakey Make-up

    Hi girls and guys. Basically, I can't find a make up that covers my skin, without looking cakey or dry. It clogs in my scars and I can never achieve that "smooth" look that many people with acne can get. I have used Estee Lauder, Supercover - which is good but made my ice-picks stand out. Prescriptives, Chanel, Mineral make up, Benefits concealer, smashbox, rimmel. tons. I think its more to do with my dry and awful skin, then any of the make-ups. I have dermaroller treatments and it has dried
  5. brokeninside

    My scars

    Hi guys, A bit of history about me. Suffered with acne since I was 13, now I'm 23. Been on all sorts of meds. I have Polycystic ovaries, so I'd blame a large part of my acne on that I still suffer from excess hair and acne. As if one isn't bad enough! I control my acne fairly well but I get hormonal breakouts now and then, which I deal with by having a decent diet and just watching what I eat before I get my period. Anyways, since last May, I have been having Dermaroller with Dr.Chu at Hamme
  6. brokeninside

    Dermarolling Support Thread

    Dont push down too hard. I have dermaroller done by Dr chu, he doesnt push down really hard, i do bleed but as soon as i'm iced and cleaned, im just red. Please be careful. Thanks for all the advice, good luck everyone!
  7. brokeninside

    Dermarolling Support Thread

    I actually have that powder but havent used it regularly, are you currently having dermaroller treatment?
  8. brokeninside

    Dermarolling Support Thread

    Hello Deleo, Congrats on your success. Just wondering what vitamin cream do you use? i have been searching for a vit c cream and just cant find a decent one. let me know, Thanks
  9. brokeninside

    Dermarolling Support Thread

    Good luck with your treatment, i hope it works for you. They did say to me that one lady had 6 treatments and her scarring is almost gone. I do need TCA cross aswell, so that may help more. I'm certainly not giving up, I do think my expectations may be a bit high. Hopefully, i can get my pictures from last year and post them with current ones and let everyone have look and see what they think.
  10. brokeninside

    Dermarolling Support Thread

    I don't know what is going on with me. I have had tiny to almost unnoticeable improvement with dermaroller. I had my fourth session at Dr Chu's about a month ago and my skin looks the same. The texture is much better but my scars are still the same. I use LEDs, use sunscreen, vit c cream, take vit c. I really think im stuck with scarring forever. Im going to try and get the pictures Dr Chu took last may and compare them, coz it may just be me but im sure there is no improvement. People using
  11. brokeninside

    Weight Gain Help

    Hello, well i was on an anti candida diet from mid december. I lost a stone ( i lose weight very quickly anyway) I am 22 years old, female about 5'4 to 5'5 and i now weigh 7 stone 8 pounds. So, i stopped the anti candida diet and just went on a healthy diet. Brown rice, whole grain pasta, eggs, coconut flour pancakes, oats, Meat, veg, a little fruit, beans, incorporating good fats, almond and rice milk. I have basically cut out a lot of sugar, refined carbs and dairy but I just can't gain weig
  12. Congrats on your success. I have just had some blood tests for a complete check on my endocrine system, check my hormones and my blood sugar. I hope they find something. So did your acne only occur during your period? How much Vitamin B do you take? I have been on a good diet and vitamins for a month combined with exercise and its been ok until today as i have a nasty spot forming on my upper check. I just dont know what to do sometimes.
  13. brokeninside

    Ok guys...

    Lamarr - http://www.theledman.net/660880dual.htm. These are the LEDs im using. Use the the yellow for five min and the red for 5 mins.
  14. brokeninside

    Ok guys...

    Thanks sixfeetunder. Roughly, how bad is your scarring? What type of scarring is Dr Chu performing the TCA on, as i imagine they will be the ones that i will have treated with TCA. Good luck to you as well.
  15. brokeninside

    Ok guys...

    Yeh, i went in and asked for a letter to see him. I had no idea you could get it on the NHS, as my doctor said i wouldn't be able to but Dr Chu said i was able to, which made me trust him even more. I think i had to wait 3/4 months before I saw him. My consultation with him was Jan last year and then I had to wait till May for my first roller.