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  1. Hi All, I received the revitol scar cream yesterday. I applied them on my skin today which is 29 Dec 2011. I would see how it goes. I hope it really works as what it advertise. Rgds, Jerrica
  2. jerrica


    My regimen logs with the dermatologist prescription
  3. I was prescribe to take accutane few years back for 3 months if not mistaken. The accutane do helps in reducing the acne from bad to worse. I did not use Acne Scar Reduction Kit from Skin Biology at last because it's too expensive and I'm afraid of using it. I scare I would make it worse not because of the product itself but I scare I do not know the correct way to use it. Now, I'm no longer having severe acnes. But, I do have one or two tiny acnes once a month and I have obvious acnes scars o
  4. Hi Mod, Kindly create and move this thread to categories "International Regimen supplies > OTHERS Regimen Supplies". Many thanks. Rgds, Jerrica
  5. Hopefully this poll would be the first-stop for the community to share experiences on using different type of Pimple-Prone Skin Cleanser. Age: 30 Current skin status: Acne, scars, blackhead, uneven skin tone, clog pores, pigmentation, red and dark spot cause by acne. Working time: 8:30am to 5:30pm (Weekdays) Bed Time: Normally sleep at 1:00am-1:30am (Everyday) - Hard to fall asleep at night Current Cleaser: New York Skin Solutions Rosemary Cleanser & Gentle Wash Duration: 1 year Pros: B
  6. Hi, I'm tempted to buy their products upon reading so much of great testimonial from their website. But the shipping cost is far too expensive. So, may I know if the Acne Scar Reduction Kit from Skin Biology helps to reduce your scars? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
  7. I also facing the similar problems. I have a lot of red marks on my cheeks. It doesn't seem to fade away. Please let me know if you have any solution for this. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I hope that day come to me soonest possible. :pray:
  9. Hi, I have been suffer acne since the beginning year of 2005. I went to see two different doctors and they both gave me antibiotics and creams to apply on my face. The cream is effective but they don't help to clear up my acne completely. I have taken the medicine and apply creams for six months before I decided to go for dermatology. FYI, I went for dermotology at last coz my acne break out more when i went to highlands. I realised that the cream and the antibiotics do not work for me. FYI, al
  10. Hi, I was using Proactive before using Dan's BP Gel. Proactive doesn't work for me in the first two weeks. But, it started to work after a long while. However, I do no used it anymore due to it high price. Later, I come to know about Dan's BP Gel and decided to give it a try after all the good compliments from the forumers. Dan's BP Gel doesn't heal my pimples in first two weeks. And during the time, my pimples are getting worse. My face is full of redness and seem to have more pimples over
  11. I use Dans BP Gel 2.5% and put it on 2x a day all over my cheeks area. And later apply the BP Gel on the pimples spot.
  12. Hi Dan, After reading all the comments and reviews from the users last week. I ordered 4 tubes of the BP last week with no hesitation. I live in Malaysia. I'm looking forward to your products shipping to my house. I hope this product would clear up most of my pimples, scars and even the color tone on my face. I hope your business a SUCCESS.