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  1. What, you want that shit to reproduce mutated offspring? ahahhahhah yea take taht bck we dont want that to happen
  2. u should never use too much of hot water on ur face .. or anywhere.. i mean it does no good i red it sumwhere.. do sum research n u will find more info..
  3. ahh excally wat i was wondeirn hhahaha.. `nvm........
  4. hey guys.. i was checkin the bare minerals foundation on the sephora website.. n on top it says " skin cancer foundation" wtf.. is that suppoe to mean ? http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...&categoryId=B70
  5. arg does it have too!?! i relli wana give it a try.. n dont wana break out ofcouse! + now that i am movin. . i dont want my skin to screw up fuk..
  6. hey guys. i ran across this website.. it has pretty good info check it out http://www.freeacneremedy.com/articles.cfm
  7. lol ^ so i guess it depends.. i dont notice that much of a difference .. so i guess it depends on ur skin..
  8. emm i brought a huge bottle.. used it for a weekk.. it did crap.. now the bottle is just stittin in a drawer... stupid aloe vera!!
  9. emm yea Mica is known to break some ppl out and also bismuth oxyhloride which can break people put also .. it all depens on ur skin i gueess i wanted to try bare minerls after hearin how well it did for some ppl.. but then after hearin how it made some ppl breakout i dint know if i wanted to try it.. i dont break out much either (thx God) and its just the dyam red marks i have to deal wit now a days so i foudn this other mineral makeup that doesnt contain BO or MICIA http://www.alphaski
  10. 1- cuz like ppl have been sayin.. there r jackasses < ppl will be fightin n stuff.. since there wont be rules n crap.. oh n specialy in the lounge.. if it wasnt watched.. haha it would be a porn site.. 2 .. 18
  11. i agree.. stupid comercials.. they do piss me off. only if it WAS that easy to get rid of acne..