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  1. January 28th- Me experimenting with the ACV left me dried out and broken out. I dont think any type of acids do well with my skin except maybe Hyaluronic Acid. I went back to using the Dove bar and Desert Essence cream for awhile, but I wanted to try something from the health store called Clearly Naturals Unscented Glycerin Bar, it is a soap that is fragrance-free and color-free (clear bar) Here's the ingredients: Saponified palm oils (palm stearic acid and vegetable oleic acid), vegetable gl
  2. Januray 16th- Hello everyone- I can see improvement with my regimen, but I want to stress something else thats important and that is not just about acne, but the overall health of your skin. I believe if your body and diet is healthy, you will be able to see this in your skin. Im not going to get into nutrition, but the things that have helped improve my skin are cutting out wheat and dairy (which can easily be replaced with other grains and soymilk or organic milk, which actually tastes better
  3. Hi, Im really glad that your using natural products to clear your skin. Alot of drugstore products contain chemicals that are irritating to sensitve skin and can make peoples acne worse (and they can get away with it too). This was the case for me until I started my own natural regimen (you can check mine out here) Basically I just stopped using sulfates in cleansers, started to use oils to improve barrier function, and of course folowed the best nutrition for my body. I have been to homeopathic
  4. Hello Everyone- I was just popping in because I have some information that may help the guys (and some girls) who are having trouble shaving on this board with their regimen. I am studying nutrition and am vey interested in holistic health and alternative medicine. I am always eager to learn about holistic cures, herbs, vitamins, and anything about nutrition. I recently came across something that is partially related to nutrition, and thought it might be some help to some of you. I eat a diet co
  5. Jan. 11th- Ok so Ive changed my regimen, added some things but my regimen has the same value: Gentle cleansing for flawless skin. Here it is: AM: -Wash with Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar ( I know bar soap, who would have known?) - Apply a dime size amt. of Desert Essence Age Reversal Cream -Apply a small amt. of Alba Botanicals Sea Lipids Day Cream -Dust a little cornstarch (makes it easy for makeup app. and relieves skin irritations) on before makeup PM:-Remove makeup with a alcohol/fragra
  6. Jan. 9th- Hey everyone, I switched back to my old foundation, Revlon New Complexion compact after the Milani makeup dried my skin up a bit. I am thinking of making my own cleansing oil, similar to DHC's Cleansing Oil which a lot of people seem to like. I know it seems weird to use oil on your face, but think about it, oil is oil-soluble not water soluble meaning only oil can get rid of oil. I also think that some oils are non-comodegenic. I think that it is a myth that mineral oil and some other
  7. I have heard alot of good things about their Silk Screen Powder foundation on MUA. Ditch it, if its not working for you and bring it back or buy something new.
  8. If you have trouble with colors, I would suggest either going to the Prescritpives or MAC counter, they can color match you and have a huge color selection. I have yellow undertones, which alot of makeu companies seem to ignore and market foundations for girls with pale skin and pink undertones, but I have found that Milani has some great options for yellow undertones and neutral otpions as well. Maybe you are trying fndtn.s with obvious overkill undertones, so its obvious you are wearing makeup
  9. Not to sound snobbish, but I have long ago moved on from this makeup. It is a great makeup if you can match the what, two shades? that they offer. The ingredients are very good if you have very oily skin, but I have dry skin and noticed that it clinged to flakes and dry skin because of the Kaolin clay in it. It has a very smooth finish however because of the Lauroyl Lysine. If you are not having a problem with irritation or it clinging to flakes, stick with it, but otherwise I would reccomend a
  10. Jan. 7th- Hey everyone, I forgot to wish you a happy new year! I didnt make any new years resolutions, but heres a good one- Get my skin 95% clear and find the perfect makeup to wear. I havent changed my regimen at all except I bought some new makeup that is awesome and doesnt break the bank. I bought some Milani makeup from the drugstore yesterday and it is so awesome. I have dry skin and their makeup is perfect for me. I also have yellow and pink undertones in my skin and I bought some stuff f
  11. Doesn anyone have a favorite stick/cream foundation for dry skin? I have dry skin and acne, so I can use matte foundations or I get the flakes. and a stick foundation is quick and easy and it provides sheer-medium coverage depending on the brand. Heres a few that I like: Estee Lauder Minute Stick Max Factor Pan Stik Revlon New Complexion Cream Compact Clarins Soft Touch Rich Compact Foundation Ive heard good things about Bobbi Brown stick fndtn and Benefit playsticks but havent tried them
  12. The girl in the picture is wearing a light green eyeliner to bring out her green eyes, so its very subtle. I use brown or black eyeliner and its more dramtic, but natural. It just looks like you have thick lashes thats all. Your not supposed to be lining on the membrane, just in the spaces in between the lashes. If you have sensitve eyes, I wouldnt reccomend it because you can develop styes. But my eyes are fine, I use Mac fluidline and a thin flat (not angled) brush and I just lift my lid up an
  13. You ave some options here: 1) Tweeze-a little painful, time consuming if you have more than a few hairs 2) Wax- A little painful but quick and easy. Will work if the hair is past the 1/8 mark. Grows back thinner, but you have to wait until it grows to the 1/8 mark to have it waxed again. I have waxed with Nad's and found it very effective and my skin felt like baby's afterward. 3) Shaving-I wouldnt recommend this because hair seems to grow back thicker and quick. 4) Electrolysis-You have to
  14. I cant use sunscreen. Its irritating to my skin. It was a contributor to my breakouts and when I stopped using it, things got better. I just use makeup that contains sunscreen and hop that helps a little, and will only buy makeup that has either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as the sunscreens.
  15. I can relate with you on what you said about getting flakey with liquid foundations. Most liquid foundations in drugstores dry to a matte or semi-matte finish because they contain ingredients that are absorbents. If you want that matte looke without a foundation that is going to make you flakey and breakout, the trick is to use a dewy foundation and THEN PAT powder onto the face and it will look the same as if you chose a matte foundation but without disturbing your skin. If a moisturizer is mak