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  1. I used and completed the whole Obagi treatment. From December 2008 to April 2009. The result - It made my skin look 30% better. Now I switched to the Asian Obagi version - Dermclinic's NuDerm. It helped somehow. Just persevere, especially during the first weeks. It's really painful, you will be tempted to quit.
  2. I had 4 sessions by now. The 4th was two weeks ago. I'd say the result is negligible - not noticeable. But I'm not giving up. I'll get more sessions when i get back to the philippines. I'm also going to buy a dermaroller online and do it myself. I'm not giving up!
  3. I just use a C serum at 15-20% at 2.8-3.5ph. Supplements I use are vitamin c, msm, grape seed extract, omega 3. Abslutely. I read somewhere that fish oils (0mega3) should be avoided before an operation/cosmetic procedures as it an anti-coagulant or makes you bleed a lot and hard to scab or heal.
  4. I had a fraxel session with Belo last December 2008. It cost me +/- 22,00 pesos. No noticeable difference. Been reading www.realself.com and found out that even after 4- 5 sessions, most of the patients didn't achieve noticeable disappearance of scars. I'm looking at TCA cross or derma rolling this September.
  5. That Seinfeld episode is what crossed my mind too Charlemagne. Hehehe!
  6. i'm eager to add this to my anti acne arsenal but i doubt the feasibility of having it fresh. would a bottled aloe vera do the trick?
  7. The best way to avoid temptations is to not buy them in the first place. Keep them out of your house or place them where you can't see it often.
  8. hey spitfire! You can get the skin by peeling it out of a fresh pomegranate fruit and crush it together with the other ingredients. if you google "pomegranate" you will also find out that aside from the high antioxidant capacity of the seeds, the skin of pomegranate is also packed with healing powers that's why i use all parts of the pomegranate when making my anti-acne concoction. i'm now 27 and for the past 13 years, i have used a lot of over the counter, chemical-filled unguents as a result
  9. I think there's also a black seed oil being sold in the market. That's what I'm gonna experiment next. So far I'm loving the "mud pack" black seed. Can't go to bed without 'em. I'm wondering what will be the effect if I mix black seed oil, pomegranate oil and neroli oil? Hmmm... Let's see. Seven, I think it's effective if you apply the black seed on your skin. Try to ground it and mix with apple cider vinegar, ground seed + skin of pomegranate. I hope it will do the magic to y
  10. Hi there Mara, Asher, Shanuea, Thereishope....everybody! I posted a close up photo of raw black seed and the ground black seed. Hope this will help you identify when you came across this stuff.
  11. This coming Saturday, I'm gonna post a picture of the black seed I bought. Amusing posts about bible quotes though.
  12. Melbourne! You have no idea how excited I was when I read this post. I just discovered something really great to add into my anti-acne arsenal. Have you heard about black seeds? Scientific name is Nigella Sativa. In the Muslim world they call it "habbah al barahkat" . Their prophet, Mohammad (PBUH although I am Christian) called this seed as a "cure for any disease except death." Now, i thought, their most revered prophet would not say something like that if it will just ruin h
  13. i think it's better to make your own carrot juice through juicing than buying commercially available ones. i read they're already pasteurized or boiled so the enzymes are lost. sometimes, although it says 100% pure, it's actually not, what it actually says is 100% from concentrate. imo i think it's better to use a juicer.
  14. This is definitely not the only case where carrot juice has helped someone. Anyways, in my opinion I won't waste any more money on most supplements anymore, everything I do buy is basically a concentrated superfood source of vitamins, minerals, etc. (bee pollen, spirulina, maca, trying to get triphala soon...). And I buy a few things like MSM still, but definitely no multivitamins or any of that. It's a lot better use of money just to get a juicer (got mine for $90) and extract the vitamins a
  15. This might interest you, now that the topic is about Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. Very interesting write-up. Tell me your thoughts. http://www.geocities.com/slq1916/carrots.html
  16. No doubt, it's true! It occurred to me that the secrets to acne-free, glowing skin is by going back to the basics - enough sleep, nutritious food, exercise. I remember I once read somewhere that Jennifer Lopez, no matter how busy her sched is, would insist on getting 8 hours of sleep. The senior citizens I have talked to who are still energetic despite their age told me that even during their younger days, they sleep early. That could be the reason for their good stamina. I also noticed that if
  17. C'mmon guys! No idea is too far fetched to be entertained. Some great discoveries started with silly ideas. Whoever first thought of applying a stinky apple cider vinegar on his pimpled face must be stupid. But hey, it worked!
  18. I always get a good, calm-looking skin after a 2 day fast of nothing but pineapple (coz I can't stand apple). Maybe you can try this before the big night. On the other hand, don't get so conscious about your appearance, it's a sure way to get frustrated when it's over and you get home. Just enjoy the talk and company.
  19. Hi Marrakech! I read that some combines water with the vinegar before applying into the face but as with me, I dont dissolve the apple cider vinegar in water. I suggest you try both and see what suits you best. Hi loveuforever57! I'm in UAE and I could find the soap in Carrefour. I think it's not that hard to find. Try looking in a Filipino Store just in case. I find it funny, I bought really expensive creams, face wash and toners but who would ever think that I could get great results from
  20. Guys! I just found out that Apple Cider Vinegar and Block & White GREEN Papaya Soap works great together in combating acne and giving you a better skin. I wash my face with Block & White GREEN PAPAYA soap and apply apple cider vinegar on my skin before I sleep. Apple Cider is great already but when used together with the soap produces dramatic results. I admit I'm watching the foods that I eat (no dairy, junk foods etc.) but because of apple cider and green papaya soap, I was able to che
  21. Teen acne may protect against heart disease 18:22 17 June 2005 NewScientist.com news service Gaia Vince Teenage boys who suffer from acne may be less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease in later life than their clear skinned peers. Sufferers of the confidence-denting skin condition are one-third less likely to die from coronary heart disease, according to a UK study of 10,000 men. The researchers believe that the androgens responsible for bringing on acne may have a protective
  22. This forum have seen a lot of great posters. I could read some recent posts which made sense too. I don't know about you guys but doesn't anyone feel bored reading the same questions from newcomers all over again? Questions which have been extensively discussed to death by former members. When I visited acne.org again, i got this feeling of "Men! I wish I saved them on my hard drive!". I wish I could still locate those debate about Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio, the debate as to whether the stone
  23. Wherever they are right now - Sweetjade, Antony, CJB, Minny Mouse...the list goes on. There were so many people who had great, valuable contributions on this forum. I wish we could pick the 10 most helpful posts and pin them on top of our forum.