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  1. well you put all of the liquid into your self with the tube, and then you have to sit on the toilet and let it all out. You should be trying to keep the fluid inside of you for 5-10 minutes, and then trust me, you'll have to go.
  2. wow, that was really enlightening. i've been making green tea for over a year now, and I've always poured boiling water over the tea bag and let it steep for around 3 mintues. So are you pouring water into a cup, adding ice, and THEN adding the teabag? Or boiling in a pot, and throwing ice into the pot once it boils to cool it to 175, and THEN pouring overtop of the tea and letting it steep?
  3. sorry, I dont ahve the box any more for the fleet enema, but I just know that it was some sort of 'kit', and none of the others were listed as being kits. it came in a wide rectangular box, most other seem to be in taller boxes to hold those bottle type enemas. if you have to, start opening the boxes, and closing them back until you find the kit with the bag inside. I have seen magnesium citrate at several drug stores, but I've been buying it at my local grocery store, kroger. it's by the
  4. Why would you want to avoid magnesium citrate? it's SOOOOO much better than making epsom salt flushes, ouch. Unless u HATE sprite, then you'll find Magnesium Citrate totally bareable. Please flush every other week, and after 4 flushes, take at least a 2 week break before doing another. I found an enema bag at either CVS or Walgreens. It was made by fleet, came in a box, and is labeled 'flushing' kit I beleive. Definitely don't buy the tiny tiny enema bottles and expect them to do much good
  5. the olive oil/grapefruit mix really really really isn't that bad. I've done it three times, and while I am scared of it each time although i know better, when I chug it and after, i never get sick and the taste/texture isnt too bad at all. Strange for sure, but I've done FAR worse. Right after you drink it, just swallow a spoonful of honey and a mint, and the taste is gone. The next morning instead of salt water flushes, I just drink a bottle of magnesium citrate (a laxative), which tastes l
  6. Yes, I have been planning to purchase Total EFA, which contains Omegas 3, 6, 9 since I only eat fish about once a week. Keep the recommendations coming.
  7. I know that eveyone has their opinion on which vitamins that they need, but I was wondering if there were certain ones, such as zinc(?), that nearly all people are lacking in their diets and could be recommended on a wider scale. I was considering buying a multivitamin, but noticed when doing a search that some people don't recommend that b/c you are wasting money on certain vitamins that aren't necessary? Here are some details on my acne situation that could possibly help in a recommendatio
  8. Sleep seemed to be helping me too. Last week I got to sleep before 11 oclock every night, and my face hasn't looked so good in over a month. I have to admit I think its not just the sleep though, but I started bowel cleansing (enemas, drinking herbal laxatives), but damn my face has improved quite a bit.!
  9. smoking in any way has always caused my acne to flare up, so yes, that includes marijuana as well as cigarrettes. Such a bummer.
  10. I have been wondering this for months as well. I do know that green tea has only around 1/5th the amt of caffeine that coffee has, so it doesn't seem like it has too much caffeine, but maybe that small amount is still too much? i tried decaf once, and the taste was nearly nonexistant, I was shocked.
  11. you also may want to look into doing enemas as well. I also suffer from constipation and hadnt taken it seriously until I saw this thread. I remember thinking it was weird when I would drink 3 p&b shakes a day, and still not have any bowel movements. Today I finally bought an enema bag to use instead of those crappy Fleet enemas, and I was shocked at how much came out of me. I defifinitely need to clean myself out. I had done a liver flush a week ago, and didnt get many stones out b/c o
  12. I've been meaning to try Emu Oil after hearing it recommended so much on this forum. Can anyone else recommend that?
  13. i seem to have this problem as well, mainly with really sweet fruits (ie bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe). its a bummer b/c i"m avoiding refined sugars but cant even have natural ones. I mainly eat apples and carrots now for snacks which I know don't bother me, but lately I've been eating the delicious watermelon that is in season.
  14. sweetjade: I think I'm a candidate for candida, leaky gut, liver cleansing, and definitely bowel cleansing for constipation. Is there a recommended order to take care of these? Perhaps I can do a couple at a time if I can afford the accompanying products?
  15. On the bread: I only have bread when i eat a sandwich for lunch each day. I havent been able to think of another filling alternative that doesn't require a microwave (which we dont have at work) to fix food. If I can find a way to avoid sandwiches, then I will be able to wipe off gluten nearly completely from my diet. First flush i drank a gallon of organic apple juice before the flush to help break up stones, and this past weekend I just took 2 pills that had 800mg of malic acid to be more