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  1. Anyone have any idea on how to do this? Any topicals out there that can do this?
  2. exfolate. This will fix the problem. Buy something especially made to do it. Or you can do it yourself. What I do, is take a mirror with me in the shower. Then I rub my finger over the area and rub all the dry skin off. Then you can apply moisturizer without getting all flakey. Try that once or twice a week. Skin will look younger too.
  3. I heard retin-a has anti-aging properties. Is this true? Which is better between the two. Ive been using clearsil face wash and clearsil vanishing cream for years with good results. But I dont think its helped my complexion. Will differin help? IU just got prescribed it. thanks
  4. Should I use moisturizer? I use clearsil facewash followed by clearsil vanishing cream 10% BP. My derm said this is fine as long as I"m not over drying and that it will NOT cause wrinkling. My face isnt really that dry, (in the summer anyway). What moisturizer do you recommend?
  5. Toenail, I just read this on http://www.dermatologistskincare.com/glossary.htm lemme know what you think Benzoyl peroxide (BP) acts as an antibacterial agent against P. acnes, a bacterium that aggravates acne. Benzoyl peroxide is most effective against inflammatory acne that consists of papules, pustules and cysts. BP causes mild desquamation often with scaliness, peeling and cracking. The drying will not cause wrinkles. Start with the lower strength (2.5% or 5%) preparations first. The
  6. godamnit! ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) errrrrrrrrr what should I do????? *sigh* now i'm even more worried. How can you tell if you're going to get wrinkles? Is using the face wash ok? Triclosan is the active ingredient in it. er!!!!!
  7. as i said in your other post, switching to wheat would be good. Cut out soda, potato chips, white rice etc.... Are you doing cardio too?? or lifting weights? You need to do both. Do mid or high intensive cardio a couple times a week and work out with weights. When you have muscle, it burns the fat
  8. permanent damage? I use clearsil face wash followed by 10% BP clearsil cream. Sometimes it overdries. Can this cause permanent damage or cause your skin to look older faster?
  9. I'm being pretty obsessive about this. How can I tell if I already did damage to my skin? What exactly does a facial scar look like? I don't have "bad" acne so to speak that would cause scarring on it's own. But I cant stop squeezing blackheads out of my skin ](*,) [-o< help
  10. switching to wheat would definitely help. But it won't cut out ALL carbs. The key is to cutting or switching to different things. No potato chips, no white rice , no SODA! good luck