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  1. Hey James, I've been on the Puredeming website but don't see any mention about the new prevage product. I tried to find out about it before I asked for some help here. Can you point me in the right direction or add a link ?? Thanks, Mimi
  2. Ross, What is in their new pravage product and what does it do?? I haven't heard of this. Anyplace I can learn more about it? TIA Mimi
  3. Maya, You are very welcome and I am honored!! This board and especially you, Maya, have given me so much knowlege, support and hope - I am happy if I can be of any help. Mimi
  4. HeDuki9, Your post was fine and I'm sure it's helpful to others. I am happy for your successful removal of your moles. If your doctor said he could also remove the raised scar, it is most likely hypertrophic and not keloid. You did not give me false hope. I do not have Keloid scarring. I just wanted to clarify for you and anyone reading this that there is a difference between the two types of scars. Most people use the terms interchangeably because they do not know there is a differen
  5. Hello, Great post but I just want to clarify what you are calling Keloid scarring vs hypertrophic scarring. They are NOT the same thing. I have hypertrophic scars which are scars that are raised above the skin surface but remain within the boundaries of the original injury. I do not have keloid scars. Keloid scarring is raised scarring that extends BEYOND the boundaries of the original sore, blemish or injury. It is scar tissue gone wild. It can continue to grow and grow. Some peo
  6. Thanks jc and OursFan for stressing the importance of the Macro feature, I didn't know about that! jc, that's a great website, thanks for the link. And yes, I'm talking about US $$. I'm now considering the Nikon Coolpix 4500 which is priced at $450 (and higher US $$) but is said to have a very good Macro, close up capability. I'm still reading about it. Just wondering, does anyone personally have a digital camera they are now using to take facial scar pix that they would recommend???
  7. Hi jc, Good question about price range --How much do you think I would need to pay to get a decent, clear and sharp closeup?? Do you think $200 to $400 would be enough? or more? I see this as an investment and while I'm willing to spend what I need to get a camera that will do what I want (good closeups) I don't want to spend a fortune or more than I need to. OK, not sure what macro function (flower mode) is. See, I know enough to be dangerous but not really enough to be an educa
  8. Hello Everyone, I want to purchase a good digital camera that will allow me to take sharp closeups of facial scars so I can document my progress. I have researched cameras and I am still at a loss. Can anyone recommend a digital camera that will give me clear, sharp closeups? I remember reading that some folks are getting good, clear digital photos of their scars - if you are, can you please share the brand name and model number of your digital camera? Many thanks, Mimi
  9. Hi Rupert, You recently posted the following:
  10. hey folks, If I remember clearly, didn't Maya's fellow student dramatically improve her scarring by using vinegar topically and lemon juice orally? Perhaps she is already in the book of world records! mimi
  11. Hello Miguel, I, too, am interested in purchasing the hebermin cream from you. Please PM me with details. Many thanks, Mimi
  12. I wanted to wait until I had used this for a week or two before posting my opinion but Maya, since you asked, I couldn't resist sharing how much I like this oil! I've only used it for two days but I liked it immediately. It was absorbed right into my skin and left a moisturized, satiny finish. I only needed a small amount. My skin was starting to feel dry from the indoor heat but now it feels nourished and really smooth to the touch. Also, (I'm really hesitant to say this as I'
  13. Rosie, Thanks for your reply. Couple more questions, if you don't mind. 1. Did she needle your whole face or just the scars ? 2. Did she needle different areas at each visit or go over the same areas each time? Many thanks, Mimi
  14. Rosie, Who did your needling and did they use a tatoo gun or a hand tool? I don't want you to repeat yourself so if you have already discussed this can you point me to your post? Thanks! I'm very happy for you and wish you continued success! Mimi
  15. CROSSLinker What type and model camera did you use to take those close up pics? I want to get a digital camera that will take close ups so I can document my progress. Your pics are terrific. Thanks! Mimi