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  1. When my acne cleared from accutane I was sooo happy but I was left with scars. My scars are not that noticable in day light but if there is bright light about my head, the scars are totally noticable and very ugly looking. whenever i get a glimpse of my scars in harch lightening, it makes me feel very depressed and I feel like its just as bad as acne. I am sooo afraid that my scars may be permanent.
  2. Hi I too have noticed improvement in my scars after using retin-A cream on and off for 8 months. The improvement is not huge but there is improvement. I guess it really takes time and patience. What I like about retin-a cream is, it's inexpensive and it's not damaging my skin like laser or other invasive treatments and it is slowly working for my scars.
  3. Hi there I also had shallow scars after my accutane due to previous picking and poping. My derm perscribed me Retisol A cream about 6 months after accutane. I believe this cream helped abit, I used it on and off for about 8 months, I've stopped using it due to laziness but I've noticed that my red marks have faded significantly and my scars have also filled in and are less noticable than before. Its been about a year and a half since I finished my accutane, I believe that time also contributes.
  4. Hi I am also on Retin-A because my derm has also said it helps with scarring over time. I don't know if it has helped, it may have because my scars dosen't look as bad as before but it is still there.
  5. hey Keisha, long time no talk. How are you?

  6. IS that show still going on? I used to loveee watching that show because it made me feel soo good watching how much those people changed. I want to go to Extreme makeover without cutting the skin.
  7. Christpuncher, you are absolutely awesome. Thank you again for your PM and all your great info.
  8. Yeh I think I want to try fraxel. It seems the most promising reading from this board. Thank you guys for all the encouragement. I know my scars are not that bad compared to some people on this board but when you have really pretty friends with perfect skin, you do feel very self conscious about your scars. If I had scars anywhere on my body I wouldn't even care but not my face. But yes like someone said I will do more research. Christpuncher: Do you live in vancouver too? Is Dr. Ho good? I wou
  9. Hey peeps, here are the pictures of my scars. Don't know what type of scars they are? Any treatment ideas for my type of scars would be greatly appreciated? Being a girl and and having these horrible scars can be very difficult. but what do you do? Here are some pix from different angels http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206/ayekyi/P1010151.jpg http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206/ayekyi/P1010159.jpg http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r206/ayekyi/P1010160.jpg
  10. Hey guys I am seriously considering fraxel for my scars, I am too lazy to read through the 223 pages so can someone that have had fraxel answer these questions for me please please plese: What is the downtime after fraxel treatment? How painful is the fraxel treatment? When did you start seeing the results and how much result did you see? What is the average cost? I only want my cheeks done and not my whole face. If someone can answer these questions, i will forever be greatful. Thanks
  11. Hi, your scars are very similar to mine. When you look at it straight they don't look bad but from the front angle it looks kind of bad and man car windows and harsh bright lights they look horrible. I too am looking for something to improve my scars but been too scared to do any invasive treatments. I've just been using various scar creams and such. MY acne cleared a year ago due to accutane. When I first finished accutane my scars were baddd but now a year later,, they look abit smoother. SO i
  12. you are very beautiful

  13. My left side is also alot more clear than my right side. I love my forehead thought because I never really get break outs there and even if i get an occasional one, it heals quick and doesn't leave a red mark or scar.