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  1. I'm a month into Low Dose as well. 10 mg/day. I've been put to 20 mg/day as of this week. I had no listed side-effects from 10 mg except for more drying of my hands, and "chappier" lips. Even with those, I could still manage without lipbalm if I drank enough water. Feeling the benefits though... Frequency of new pimples are decreasing, but i'm still not satisfied yet...
  2. My dermatologist told me that a usual dose is around 0.5-1 mg / kg bodyweight. The course would take 5-6 months. On a lower dose, he told me about 7-8 months. For me, a regular does would be 40~80 mg pill a day. Low dose would be 10~20 mg pill a day. Stopping the intended course early would not allow accutane to be optimized.
  3. Yeah I went to a Chinese Medicine Doctor. He told me the expected, "your problem is internal and there are a lot of toxins in your intestines...etc". He gave me two things to do once per day for one week. 1) a specific herbal tea, 2) a powder to be mixed with water. As a paste, I applied it all over my face. it was to treat scars and redness. While I was there, he did acupuncture on my face. I visited this doctor three times. He changes the medicine every week based on my condition. Appar
  4. Also did your diet changed while on accutane. Did your lifestyle change overall due to Accutane. Currently I go out of my way to change bedsheets, stay clean of alcohol, eating as healthy as possible,etc. Would you slack on it a bit seeing the success of the drug?
  5. I started 10mg of Epuris ( A brand of accutane ). Just today, took my first pill. Didn't feel anything.....I took 40mg before for a week or so. The first pill I took I felt something when I took a 40mg. This time, nothing. I'm looking to do long term, but probably will ask to ramp the does up if the side-effects are tolerable..
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to acne.org. I've been reading a lot of good stuff about other people's remedies to acne. I've been having acne for 5 years and its pretty bad. Still on-going. I have a regiment which is sorta working (started a two weeks ago?). Has anyone tried acupuncture for their acne? It's an asian thing, and I'm asian descent. Parents asked me if I should do it. There are before and after pictures from the doctors who practice it, but its quite expensive and these things are not c