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  1. I agree with Playing_In_Traffic that salicylic acid may help. I would add that an AHA like glycolic acid may help too - it exfoliates the skin superficially while salicylic acid address the deeper layers of the skin and pores. From personal experience, using both acids will do more than using just one of them. Alternatively, for something more gentle, you can try Green Apple Peel from Juice Beauty - they come in sensitive and regular/stronger strengths. As far as makeup is concerned, I use P
  2. Rather than just moisturizing the beard, you need to exfoliate the dead skin first. 1) Wash the skin and beard area thoroughly then use a scrub to exfoliate the faking skin cells. By keeping the beard wet, it will make the hairs less stiff so the scrubbing granules can be rubbed down into the skin. 2) Alternatively you can use a chemical peel like glycolic acid or gentle enzymes. For the former, you can use a toner or moisturizer with glycolic acid. For the latter, try Green Apple Peel from J
  3. I empathize with you. I finally got my skin mostly under control after switching to natural skin care products. I've tried various natural skin care lines, but they usually have so many ingredients in them that they lead to further breakouts. I now use the following products that are either less complicated formulations or are pure ingredients in and of themselves: 1. Cleanser: Sibu Beauty Cleanse & Detox Facial Soap. It gently cleans without stripping or drying. 2. 100% pure Tamanu oil:
  4. Great post Bigphil. My homeopathic doctor recommended probiotics to me years ago. One other addition that may be beneficial is a full spectrum digestive enzyme. Even if you eat the best foods, if your digestive system isn't functioning up to par, it won't be able to fully break down the foods to utilize the valuable nutrients. This is where the digestive enzymes will help.
  5. Like all others thus far, I congratulate you on your courageous choice. I started out just using concealer to even out my skin. Now I apply a very light layer of mineral makeup (Pur Minerals) as it seems to help control my constantly oily skin. The Pur Minerals hasn't made me break out plus it has helped matte my shiny skin for at least part of the day.
  6. I used the Clarisonic twice a day, but found it too harsh. Now I've cut back to every evening. By the way, to those who have been experiencing problems with their skin while using the Clarisonic, are you using the skincare products that came with the brush? I read numerous reviews online that the Clarisonic skincare products caused breakouts so I tossed them from Day 1.
  7. I think the dermaroller is the culprit. It works by damaging the skin which eventually sloughs off. It's the cause of your flaky skin which is interfering with a smooth makeup application. My recommendation is to try airbrush makeup. It sprays onto the skin in a very fine mist and it sits lightly on the surface so no rubbing or brushing is required, which tends to disrupt flaky skin making it look worse. Airbrush makeup comes in either a silicone or water base, so you need to find the one t
  8. I used Retin-A years ago and the only points I can pass along to you are: 1. Wait 20 minutes after washing your skin before applying Retin-A otherwise the skin will become almost burned. I didn't follow the doctor's advise and had an unpleasant experience. 2. The doctor advised to wait approximately 1 hour after applying the Retin-A before using a moisturizer and to only use a small quantity of moisturizer if you absolutely need it as it may make the medication less effective. Cetaphil moistur
  9. wingedserpent's and melvaughn's posts have excellent suggestions. The only things I would add: 1. Eat a well balanced, nutrient-rich diet while eliminating processed foods. 2. Take a full spectrum digestive enzyme. This will ensure the good nutrients you consume will be broken down and be fully utilized by the body otherwise the nutrients may not be fully assimilated. 3. If you consume dairy products, try eliminating it from your diet to see if that is the cause of your acne. I now use
  10. I got better results from Proactiv. When I try something new, I expect some breakouts, but with Murad, the breakouts got progressively worse. I tried it several times and finally gave up.
  11. Look into skin primers. Most contain silicone which lays over your skin before applying makeup. This layer can help to prevent some of the adverse makeup ingredients from entering into and clogging your pores. I have had success with Flawless from Aloette. Smashbox has a water-based one called Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light that is formulated for problematic skin although I haven't tried it. Makeup wise I use the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation from Pur Minerals. It do
  12. Oil (in this case, in the form of sebum) and moisturization are two different concepts. Moisturization is introducing hydration (e.g. water) into the skin. However, as we all know, water evaporates quite quickly from the skin's surface and the environment will cause the water within the skin to dry out, too. Oil or lipids act as lubrication or protection for the skin by trapping the water molecules within the skin and keeping it from evaporating as quickly. Example: skin care experts advise
  13. Please note that a TCA peel will cause major scarring and significant down time. However, if you can endure both, I have seen photos of excellent results from it. Personally, I used to do glycolic peels at 30% once a week to 10 days. Over time, I went up to 50% and eventually 60% when I had really bad acne. I would leave the peels on for 5 minutes then gradually working up a few extra minutes a week until I got to 20 minutes. Then I would either go to the next % of acid or, if my skin was d
  14. I find that my skin always gets oily whenever I use an astringent. Currently I use a salicylic acid based cleanser (Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser) without astringent. When I need a bit of exfoliation, I use a small amount of Paula's Choice @ 2%. Even this causes my skin to be a bit more oilier than usual, so I only use it at night.
  15. You are manually over exfoliating your skin. From my experience, over manipulation causes the skin to overproduce oils. Cleansing should be limited to twice a day - morning and evening. Although daily scrubbing products are sold, manual exfoliation should be limited to once to twice a week. Your bumpy, rough skin may benefit from use of any of the following: 1) Beta hydroxy (e.g. salicylic acid) product. One recommendation is Paula's Choice products (preferably 2% if your skin isn't too s