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  1. all the best with it! i have been off mine 8 months and just started getting some spots im hoping something topical might keep it at bay though as id prefer not going on accutane again but hey ho, we shall see
  2. ok so i haven't been on here in AGES but its been 8 months since stopping my treatment and all has been well- just the odd spot or two but it would go quickly. until the weekend... i have broken out a it on my back again, not massively but enough to think about getting something topical to keep it at bay and make sure it doesn't go full blown bacne again! i know my derm did say to do this in this situation if it happened. then if that doesn't work to go back to her. anyone had this exp
  3. 4 months ​so here i am, my last day was yesterday!!!!i had my last derm appt a week ago and she said that since i have had no spots on my face for 2 months and none on my back for about 1 and a half months there is no need for more tablets.she thinks i have responded very well to treatment. i have got some scarring. on my back there are red patches where bad spots have been but its completely smooth. they may well fade as i think its hyper pigmentation? to be honest though it doesnt bother m
  4. DAY 44 so not been on in awhile. the top of my back is alot smoother now. the blackheads on my back have pretty much all gone. the middle of my back or just below the middle is bad but its just all the stuff being pushed out. my chest is completely clear and has been for a couple of weeks- no blackheads their either-so smoothe!! my face was never my worst part to break out anyway but even that feels smooth. however my cheeks and nose are REALLY red and pores massive! which is not so gre
  5. DAY 30 (i think) so i have a massive boil like spot on the back of my shoulder! MASSIVE it seems to be drying out so hopefully it wont be around long...
  6. thanks i guess im a little impatient to be clear lol
  7. 1 MONTH wow its been a month already! no new side effects- i think alot of my blackheads on my face have gone or are going- but im left with massive pores which could easily be mistaken for blackheads! no new spots on my face atm. very red!!! my back has some patches that are really smooth but not much improvement yet-but its only the 1st month. chest is much better though- only one tiny spot this morning and a bit red shoulders still breaking out but healing quickly and feeling smo
  8. Hi there, so im on my 29th day of treatment but i was wondering when i should start having any real improvement on my back acne? my skin does feel softer and smoother in places but there isnt much improvement so far. i know that its not been long but i guess im looking for some reassurance that it will get better...
  9. i am quite sensitive to it and am very pale- but we havent had much why do you ask?
  10. DAY 24 i have been getting an exma (cant spell) rash on my hands a bit which have cracked and bled in the cold but its my own fault for not putting cream on!!! lips have been drier and peeling more but not too bad i guess. im still positive as its worth it for nice skin. parts of my back are smoother -im mainly left with red dots where old spots are healing. the only new ones are on my shoulders and a couple on my face. my blackheads have been coming out more which is nice(in a weird sorta
  11. i have the rash on my hands too. one more than the other. its more of an exma rash for me and has cracked a little and bled-but that is because i didnt moisturise it i think- oops
  12. i would say anytime from day 6 to day 12 the dryness tends to kick in. thats what i found anyway.
  13. ive done 3 weeks(thereabouts) and can relate to the itchyness!! im loving having dry hair though. i can leave washing my hair for 3 days which is amazing for me! all the best!
  14. all the best! im on day 20 so nearly 3 weeks in already- time has flown! ive had dry skin lips scalp hair. but no other major side effects really. drink loads of water as it does help keep side effects down i find. im currently going through a black head purge(icky i know!). but i just want clear skin so badly now!!!