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  1. You should have said "I'm going to kill you, wait till monday. I'm going to bring an AK to school and blow you and your friends away". Followed by a high to low pitched "Muwhahahahaha". Then as the class room quiets down, close your eyes and begin to shake uncountrollable. Start makeing your way to the front of the class and begin terrorizing your classmates. Point at them and say in an old witchy way "You will grow acne beyond your imagination". Finally go back to your seat and act as if nothin
  2. i know how you feel. i've never attempted suicide or anything, but i've been in and out of therapy for a long time. i spend as much time as possible away from home, simply because sitting in my room makes me more depressed. that's the most important part of feeling better, in my opinion - going out. if you drive, just drive around your city or pull over on the side of the road and just do whatever. if you don't drive, you can take a walk - just slip on a sweater (it's getting chilly outside!
  3. Thanks. I've known some seniors that get paid $20 hr part time for tutoring adults in math.. Opportunity seems great...I just hope I get da job. (there is a promised increase to $10.50 after a while.) dear koala, good luck! soli.
  4. hang in there, bud. we're on pretty much the same track here - it's my 11th day and the active acne is fading, but i'm getting stabbed in the face with redness/redmarks. i feel your pain!
  5. day 10 and 11. oops. super busy lately. not much of a report. acne is pretty much dying. redmarks are a little less apparent. all of this progress is being slapped around by redness. lots of it. arrr. i may as well have been sunburned on mercury.
  6. how about we make everyone a 40 year old creep? that'd be interesting.
  7. a bit of clarity - a) is being shallow a typical human trait? yes. b) does that mean anyone should have to settle for it? no.
  8. try a second course if you're up to it. it's helped many.
  9. That's another reason I'm depressed - at the moment I'm unemployed. On interviews, I feel like I'm being judged for how I look. Like certain companies don't want someone that has ugly skin. It looks unprofessional to them. In reality, its sapping my confidence so much that whether I'm being judged or not, it makes it hard to be confident and impress people in interviews. ←
  10. i know how you feel - take a poke around the emo forum and i'm sure you'll feel right at home. everyone here, i'm sure, can relate to your pain - but that's life. what do you do for a living?