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  1. I too am an internet addict, but as i work on the net that's my exuse for being on it all day everyday and not going out at all
  2. Easy walk in and act normal, yeah you'll get comments but they're mates joke about with them... or just say "i know so don't even say it.."
  3. Not really, my work is based on the net anyway i just leave this site open like many others
  4. Yes and i don't feel i know that it was because of my acne
  5. If you didn't know already, masterbation is good for us males it cleans out the pipe works.
  6. My alone time starts as soon as i get up, i too listen to music and browse the web and check out a few sites/forums that makes me forget my problems, and i start to think about them again when i go to bed
  7. Hey what can i say i like ya As for the shower...has that happened before in general? and well i don't know about the eyelids being one of the dryest (even i cant spell it) places on your face but i do know that lips are the worst.
  8. What's the point in anyone trying to make themself look good
  9. Oh Zero, it cant be as bad as you think, i don't like you talking like that i would like to see a pic, that might make you feel better hear what peope think instead of just going on what you feel about it. cheer up everything will go away, just give it time