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  1. I have two electric razors: a Braun Series 3 (can't find the exact model) which cost about £60 / $100 and a top-of-the-range Phillips Aquatouch which cost me £180 / $300! The Braun did not provide a close shave but suited my skin. The Phillips provided a super close shave and destroyed my skin. Every time I used it, I would have whiteheads, redness, and painful bumps all over the jawline and neck for a number of weeks. Clearly, it gave a too close shave. Amusingly, this razor is recommended
  2. Just checked and it appears that Quinoderm is out of stock at all online UK-based pharmacies. The Quinoderm website still says that there are problems importing it into the EU. Any ideas? I have PanOxyl but it's so much harsher on my skin than Quinoderm.
  3. I just asked in Boots for Quinoderm and it's out of stock. I asked what other BP products they had and the answer was "none". I checked Quinoderm on a few online chemists and they don't supply it. Any ideas for a BP product that's in stock? First Panoxyl then Quinoderm! What's happening?! From Quinoderm website. It looks as if the EU have messed this up! Quinoderm Creams Supply Recent regulatory changes within the pharmaceutical industry have raised concerns about the sup
  4. Well I tried sea salt on my neck for the first time today. I used the Maldon Sea Salt (see photo) by putting a liberal amount in a large glass bowl then adding boiling water and some cold water to cool it down. I splashed the liquid on my neck multiple times over a 10 minute period and just let it dry naturally (no towel). I am sceptical that this will help but let's see what happens. It's worth a try I suppose. My issue is that I have neck acne. The face and back are fine. Just the neck. An
  5. Well the whole point of this post was to find out what should work for me. What do other people suggest (if, indeed, anyone else is reading).
  6. Neck acne only - my back is fine. On the neck the acne is at the front and sides - in other words, I can see it and have access to it.
  7. I have neck acne but next to nothing on my face itself. I've noticed that many people recommend sea salt for neck and back acne. I bought some today from a supermarket and they were pretty cheap. I've taken a photo of them. My question is - does this look like the type of products that people recommend? Or do they mean something more specialized? There are two products - perhaps one is better than the other? Thanks!
  8. As the title suggests, I am looking for suppliers of (dead) sea salt products in the UK. My understanding is that you have to be quite liberal in using it when you put it in the bath. This is one obvious example from Boots: https://www.boots.com/en/Dead-Sea-Genuine-Bath-Salts-1000g_7635/ Do any UK-based people have specific suggestions that have worked for them? Thanks.
  9. The sea salt idea looks good. So, are we talking about something like this: https://www.boots.com/en/Dead-Sea-Genuine-Bath-Salts-1000g_7635/ I am in the UK and would prefer to buy in-store although I will order online if that's better.
  10. I currently use a salicylic acid (SA) cream and Quinoderm 10 (benzoyl peroxide). I use the salicylic acid twice per day and the Quinoderm once. This system has improved my complexion by about 50% from when I used a 2.5% BP solution. However, I still get medium sized acne on my neck. Each spot can take up to two weeks to go down fully. They often hurt. In other words: what comes up is a lesser amount than before but still ugly. Often, but not always, the spots turn into whiteheads. I woul
  11. Hello, My current skincare regime works to a degree but I'm hoping that it can be enhanced so I'm looking for suggestions. Currently I use three products (two salicylic acid - one which I use in the shower - one which I use at night after I wash my face) and Quinoderm 10 (which contains benzoyl peroxide). I use the salicylic acid twice per day and the Quinoderm once. I am in the UK. This system has improved my complexion by about 50% from before when I used a 2.5% BP solution. How
  12. Thanks for your advice regarding SA. From what I can gather, it's in a wide variety of common "prevent blemishes" products. Does any UK based member have any suggestions as to what products worked for them? Thanks!
  13. Does this actually work? It's an 11 page thread but have been any success with this regime?
  14. Over the years, I've used various BP products e.g. Panoxyl, Dan's 2.5% regime. I've never really thought they had much effect. I've not tried Quinoderm which I understand is either 5% or 10% BP. However, I'm wondering if there are any viable alternatives to BP from, say, Boots? Any ideas? I'll give Quinoderm a go but are there any other types of products that work without BP? I'm in the UK.
  15. I have looked on Google Images for seb derm and malassezia and am not convinced they are my symptons. However, I take the point that a wet shave is going to be less aggressive on the skin than a dry shave. I looked in Boots (English dugstore) today and saw the Phillips AT941 which is wet/dry rotary shaver. It is expensive (£180!!!) but I am prepared to pay as it certainly cannot do me any harm and will be superior to my Braun 3 foil shaver which is a dry shave. I will also invest in