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  1. Actually, I kind of agree. While I know tanning is bad as far as the cancer thing(heh, I smoke too $ ) it does help my acne and red marks a lot too. But, it does not help them go away, it just darkens my skin and makes them less noticeable. There is a girl in my office who is soooo white and all the guys here always make fun of her and say she looks gross. So, yeah a tan does look better, but you know the saying, you pay a price for beauty.
  2. 10% is more effective, in the sense that it will burn more, so then you only see red burns instead of pimples Honestly, I have used both and I do not see a real difference except that 10% is so harsh and drying. I have really came to realize that less is more. I used to slather on products. Now I use a small amount and get the same results and I am spending less money because I am using less product. I have a tendency to go overboard on everything(if a little works good, a lot will work better)
  3. Jenn4Dex, it is awesome, isn't it. My daughter even told me my skin is so soft and my 9 year old son(who always tells it like it is ) told me my pimples and red dots had went away( how nice :-k ). I just want to tell everyone about it.
  4. I would read the entire thread on tape method in the scar forum. (Okay, I know it is long). I know a lot of people have went overboard on their first try. It's just so satisfying to see all that dead skin off your face and on the tape I have read many many post where people said "Help, I went overboard with the tape method." You should be able to find many answers if you do a search. I too, have succumbed to over doing it and I used neosporin and just left it alone. Let it heal. It seems I am
  5. I got mine from skincarerx.com. If you check the scar forum, there is a HUGE thread regarding mandelic. I could go on and on about it, but if you read that thread, you will get the entire explanation. It was 30.99+tax and shipping. I live in the states and mine came in 2 days. It is a 4 oz. bottle, but it really lasts a long time. Brief explanation: It is an AHA that really helps with pimples, red marks, makes skin sooooo soft, etc. I don't have scars, so not sure how it does in that area, but i
  6. Do you mean soap for your face or body? If you mean for your body, I once went to a dermatologist that told me Lever 2000 is the best and I have used it ever since. I never get acne anywhere on my body (back, chest, etc) when I use Lever, but I have tried Dove and it was awful. So, I am not a fan of Dove at all. Now, if you were speaking about your face, I use the C&C products and they are awesome.
  7. I used to use neosporin every night. I would put a small layer over my entire face. It never helped get rid of pimples, but I do not have a single scar(just red marks) from my 16 years of acne, so go figure. I think I have tried everything known to man for acne treatment. You name it, I've tried it. I have changed my pillowcase every night for the last 16 years. No lie. When I was young my mom always yelled at me for having so much laundry. I remember when I was about 13, I used to sleep with a
  8. I do not use BP, but when I did, I started out with zapzyt, which is 10%. That really is just WAY too harsh. I would definitley take Dan's advice and never go above 2.5%.
  9. I have been using mandelic for about 2-3 weeks now and I could not be more THRILLED!!!!!!!! My skin looks better than it ever has. I don't think I have ever gone more than a few days without getting a new pimple and I have not had one in almost 3 weeks! I had some very old purple/red marks that would not budge and they are now just really light pink marks. For me, this stuff has been awesome. I only had slight peeling for the first 2 days and now I just have incredibly soft skin. I adore this st
  10. If they are just red marks left over from old pimples, I would recommend mandelic serum. I really can't say enough about this stuff. I had some BRIGHT purple/red marks left from pimples I had 6-8 months ago and they are BARELY noticeable now. They were not budging before I tried mandelic serum. But, they will fade on their own in time(sometimes a long time ).
  11. Well, I have been on sort of this same regimen for about 3 weeks. Here is my routine: Morning: Wash face with both C&C products Apply C&C Dual Action Moisturizer Apply Clinac for oil control Evening: Wash face with both C&C products Apply mandelic serum(if you have not tried this, I STRONGLY recommend everyone buy some, this is THE most awesome stuff ever!!!) Apply jojoba oil I am 28 years old and have acne since I was about 12. I was on proactive for awhile and it helpe
  12. I just recently ordered Clinac from dermstore.com. It is a creme that can be used with any topicals. That stuff is amazing. My face is usually an oil slick a hour after I wash it and clinac left me oil free all day. It's 14.95 plus shipping and I ordered mine on a Friday and received it on Monday. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with an oil problem.
  13. Proactive worked very well for me, but the supply they give does not last me long, so I was spending $45.00 a month and they were taking it out of my credit card at random times. However, for the first time in my life (atleast since I was 12) my skin was completely clear and beautiful. Having 4 kids makes it difficult to spend a lot of money and even though proactive was a miracle, I really had to find something cheaper. So, I switched to Clean and Clear and so far I am happy with the result
  14. "Is it me or does this name sound ridiculous? LOL, sounds like you're for having the acne Whats the point of buying it then? " I thought about that too. I think I would be a little cautious about something called Proacne. :-k
  15. Klearaction and Proacne are two different things. Klearaction is $19.99 and is called Klearaction. I have not heard of Proacne.
  16. It's called Klearaction and is available at Walgreens or on the internet. It's a lot cheaper and seems to work the same as proactive.
  17. Mine started in 7th grade and I'm 28 years old now and it still is not gone. Lucky me
  18. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am on how well you listen to everyone's concerns. (So quickly, too) You are very appreciated and I think this forum will be a great addition!
  19. They do feel and look the same. The smell, I don't really notice too much of a smell in either. I just know that I watched those darn infomercials for months and months and months thinking proactive was just another scam, but I am sooooo glad I tried it because it really worked for me. I am even happier that you brought klearaction to my attention because I was about to order proactive again and with 4 kids I can use my money for other things, you know? This product has worked so well for me, th
  20. I did use proactive for about 4 months. It totally cleared my face and every blackhead on my nose disappeared. However, it does make you incredibly shiny(oily). I stopped using it solely because of the price and the way they randomly bill your credit card. I heard others talk about klearaction here, so I decided to try it because it is alot cheaper. I have been using klearaction for about a week(I got it at Walgreens).It actually seems to be just like Proactive, just cheaper. I had a bad breakou
  21. heymikey, I have been reading this board for about a month, but just signed up today because your post is identical to what has happened to me. I started the vinegar/lemon thing the very day Maya posted about it. The first few times of applying the vinegar it stung, but that was about all. After that, everytime I applied it I would get the white spots that would disappear a short time later. I chalked it up to skin exfoliating. About 3 days after I had begun, the places that had turned white go