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  1. Venting is great, it is good to have a place like this to let it out. I know men do have it harder because they do approach more, but I think women are getting bolder. We just do it in a different way. Ever caught a girl staring at you? She was digging you And most of us are way more flattered than offended when anyone tries to talk to us, no matter what
  2. No question here, just wanted to make sure you knew, you're a doll. It can get a little muddled, there is a lot of info, but I recommend people just keep posting and someone will help.
  3. I have heard so many people have great results using tea tree oil as a treatment.I read a lot about using it and went and got a blemish stick with tea tree oil in it. It broke me out something awful. It inflammed every freakin zit I put it on. So, then I got just tea tree oil from the health food place and it screwed me up to. But, I have heard it worked for a lot of people and I am glad you found it works for you. If you do a search for tea tree oil you will find an abundance of info.
  4. Some people use it twice a day, but I think that is a little much. I wash my face with my C&C products and then apply mandelic all over my face(about 4-5 pumps worth), then I apply jojoba oil. Some people use it only in the morning, but I find that I like it better at night because I like to put the jojoba oil over it and jojoba is too oily for day use.
  5. Jojoba oil is a wonderful moisturizer. I would only use it at night, though, because it will give you quite a shine. I have experienced what you have before and just moisturize really well. Olive oil or emu oil work great too.
  6. Hey, I am 28 years old, but I can definitely give you a "me too". I have battled with this sh*t for so many years and at times I just wanted to give up. It's a shame that we put more time, money and effort into our faces than people without acne, but we end up with this I did find a regime that worked for me and hopefully you will too. Until then, keep reading the board for ideas and vent all you want, it's the only thing that helps sometimes.
  7. Wow, I thought women were hard on themselves, but you guys are rough. When I was a teenager, I used to date this guy that had pretty bad acne, but I loved him so much. He was truly my first love. We met when I was 13 and he was 14 and were together for 3 years. He moved and then I moved and we lost touch, but I still think of him to this day. Really, I guess women aren't as worried about appearances towards men as men are towards woman. We look at more than looks and a few pimples are not going
  8. Please Please Please try to look up and definitely go over the OTC forum because there are a ton of things that might be able to help you. And there are a lot of great, caring people who are here to support you and help you. It is ridiculously hard at times to have acne and it can torment you, keep you from being yourself, or worse. Just know that the whole reason of this board is to help and all you have to do is ask. Hang in there, I know it is easier said then done, but remember, most of us o
  9. I use this stuff called clinac. It is a cream that comes in a tube and I get it from dermstore.com. That stuff is amazing. I am an oil slick and it controls oil all day. You just put a thin layer on. It can be used with any topical meds and it is clear so no one knows, it just works wonders.
  10. What brand? If it is Clean and Clear you are referring to, get the scrub. I have tried the other and do not like it.
  11. I have never used that kind of Eucerin, but I don't use Eucerin on my face because it makes me look so oily. Just don't use so much and it won't leave such a film.
  12. branded


    Okay, as a woman I can without a doubt tell you that she would not be talking to you or ask you out if she was embarrassed of you. She seems to really like you. I can also guarantee that your acne is worse to you than to anyone else. Do not let your acne stop you from doing things. Woman definitely are drawn to confident men, funny men, etc. We definitely tend to care less about looks than men. We are less superficial
  13. Have you ever seen the commercial where the 2 girls have pore strips on and they are like"You go first", "No you go first". They are too scared to rip them things off and pull off half their skin in the process. That commercial makes me laugh because it is so true, those mofo's hurt and don't help at all.
  14. I have tried a product by that name, but the packaging does not look familiar??? If it is the same product that I used, it did not work any better than BP or any faster.
  15. Definitely agree with Sparty. If it is hormonal and you are a woman then you will pretty much only break out around that time of the month. For men, who knows?
  16. I once had a dermatologist give me a list of toothpastes that I could and could not use . I don't remember the list, but I know rembrandt was the one I chose that he recommended. Some doctors do believe that certain toothpastes will break you out. I don't think it ever effected me, but who knows? Maybe you should be a less sloppy brusher(just kidding, just kidding)