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  1. I was using philosophy's micro peel and loved it but at 65 bucks a pop I can't afford it. So, I switched to olay and I loved it but it broke me out something awful. I don't know why. I guess if I want smooth as a baby's butt skin I will have to shell out the $$$ for philosophy. I have been using a facial brush everytime I wash for about a month now and that seems to do pretty good at combatting flakes, but I loved the peels so much and hate that I can't use Olay. And, like you, that silicone w
  2. I use hope in a jar, only because I got it free with a purchase. It really is great stuff. I think hope in a bottle would be better for my skin type though and I might try it when I am out of HIAJ. I have a pimple on my cheek right now (that time of the month) and I have been picking at it. (Bad Bad Bad) Anyway, I broke out my philosophy kit again and have been using the serum and the H2O2 cream and the HIAJ and it has now scabbed over again. I want to pick it but I must just let it rest. Howe
  3. I love philosophy, but it did not entirely clear me and it did nothing for blackheads. But it makes your skin so super soft. I liked the wash and still use it from time to time, I love the blemish serum, however, it does contain alchohol and it does burn like crazy, it worked really well. I liked the H2O2 cream, however, it completely bleached my eyebrows and hairline and I have very dark brown hair and very light, yellow, orangey eyebrows because of that cream LOL. It also turns anything that i
  4. I stand corrected, I found this link that states zantac is an antihistamine. http://www.science.edu.sg/ssc/detailed.jsp...parent=4&cat=47 I always thought anything dealing with stomach stuff was an antacid, hhmm, you learn something every day. I still have questions on how something that deals with stomach issues helps acne. It makes more sense that something that deals with hives and such (like benadryl, etc) would be better on acne than something for heartburn? What am I missing? Someo
  5. I am confused. You all speak of antihistamines, but neither zantac or its ingrediant ranitidine are anti histamines, right? I looked up ranitidine and it said it is used for ulcers and GERD and it decreases acid in your stomach. I was told to take zantac a year ago when I had a peptic ulcer, it kind of like a better version of tums, you know? So, zantac is a antacid not an antihistamine. I am wondering because I would like to try this theory also, but I need to get the right thing. I am hoping s
  6. I have actually used this stuff and it was great. I had a mole on my neck about the size of one like Robert DeNiro has on his cheek and I put that stuff on and it did just what it said. It burned for about a minute, I left it on the required time scrapped off the white and there was a scab in place of the mole. About 3 days later the scab fell off and you would never know I had a mole there. I never wore lower collar shirts because of this mole and now my wardrobe is so much more open now. I u
  7. I just finished trying philosophy. Little background, was on proactive for about a year, cleared me completely, thought I could switch to a cheaper version, acnefree, and started breaking out again. So, I switched back to proactive and for whatever reason it no longer worked. So, I have been on a quest ever since. I like philosophy a lot, especially the blemish serum, very good stuff. But, at $30 a pop, it is cheaper to buy the whole 4 part system. I like the wash just fine, did not break me out
  8. Okay, can I just share what I do/use? I haven't been on acne.org for awhile because I was using proactive and it worked for me. Complete and total clear skin for about a year and then I switched to acnefree, just because of price, and it worked for awhile and then stopped. So, I went back to proactive and it didn't work anymore either. Don't know what happened for sure. But, I did some searching and remembered a bunch of old things we used to talk about here on acne.org. I remember there was
  9. You know what, there was a guy on here about a year and a half ago that did take his life over acne. His parents, his family, this board were devastated. That's one of the reasons why I left, it was hard to handle. He was a great kid, just couldn't handle the acne. But, you know what, this is a small part of your life. There are bigger and better things out there that you shouldn't let acne ruin. I know it doesn't seem like it, but this too shall pass. Please know that you should never do som
  10. Yes, it's been awhile and yes it is kind of good and kind of sad. The only reason I left was because proactive had healed me. I didn't have any acne for well over a year and then it just quit working? I don't know what happened but I had the best skin ever for a long time and now it is back to how it was before. Not bad, though. I have actually tried a few things lately that have been very promising, so we will see. But, I loved this particular forum back in the day and I am glad to be bac
  11. Well, not glad to see this forum is still here because that obviously means people are still hurting over acne, but glad the support is still here. I remember one day some of us were in the scar forum and someone said, hey we should have a forum about how depressed acne makes you and boom, ten minutes later Dan had it up and running. I must say a lot of things have changed since I have been here last, but a lot of things have stayed the same too. But, it's good to be back, even if that means
  12. I would advise you head over to the scar forum and read the mandelic serum thread and the vinegar and lemon thread. Maybe the thread on tape too. I know they are all very long threads, but full of info on red marks.
  13. You don't want to wait to long after you have washed your face because your face will get dirt and oil on it again and there is no use applying bp on a dirty face. Why don't you just wash your face in the morning and do the bp thing at night after you wash your face?
  14. Ditto. I always get several cysts on my jawline right before my period and C&C definitely takes care of those