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  1. I used to take is, didn't help much with the acne, but helped with the overall appearance of my skin, gave it a glow so to speak.
  2. Just so every one knows I'm not on the regimen, and this is almost two years since my last photos.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide does that, it turns the affected skin white. It will eventually go away, and probably scab. Try taking a shower and let the water run over your face for a bit, or steam your face, or a hot wash cloth over the area might help.
  4. It was gritty for me as well, but no so much anymore, don't know why it was like that in the beginning?
  5. I started using it after 1 month! Once your skin is adjusted to the full amount of bp day and night! It helps quite a bit with the overall appearance of your skin!
  6. The jojoba oil works as a makeup remover, I use it! I massage it in and then rinse it off in the shower, and then wash with the cleanser! It also helps to moisturise and get rid of some of the flakes! I've been on the regimen 1 month 2 weeks, and I've been incorporating the aha into my regimen I only use it 2-3 times a week in place of my moisturiser, and as a spot treatment. I notice a big difference in the overall appearance of my skin.
  7. You usually start feeling the dryness after a couple of weeks, once you starting upping your dose of BP. At least it did for me. I'm almost a month on the regimen. I add jojoba oil in my moisturizer at night. The driest parts of my face are my temples up around my eyebrows, and my neck for some strange reason. I don't put BP on my neck, just under the jawline.
  8. I've been on the regimen 3 weeks now, and my face is really starting to get red, it feels really hot and flushed. Not quite up to 2 full pumps twice a day, but will be when I get to my fourth week mark. Any ideas on how to cope? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Did you use the new shopping cart option? The; USPS First-Class Package International Service (2-6 Weeks) $17.31 ?????Because I live in QLD and would love to know if it will most likely come in 2 weeks or will I have to wait 6 lol.. There is no way I'm waiting 6 weeks just saying... xD I have nill patience! I didn't use the new shopping cart, the shipping I used was 52$ or something but It came within like a week!! I was super pleased!
  10. This is my fourth day on the regimen, someone told me that your only supposed to apply the bp once a day during your first week, is this true? I've only been using one pump.....
  11. Originally I thought it was the moisturiser that felt like it was balling up on my face. But I've now realised it may be the BP. Does anyone know why the BP feels grainy when applied to the skin, is this normal?? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the regimen! xx
  12. Yes, I ordered and I live in the NT! Came really quick too!