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  1. i'm on my 3rd week of Differin right now and my acne has only gotten worse. after my 8th week or maybe before that, i'm going to ask for Accutane because it seems like the only pill out there that actually gets people clear. so maybe you'd want to do that.
  2. i think the tans cover up acne.. but also the sun helps release vitamins in your skin which help clear it up.
  3. I have moderate acne. So back in January, I was using the Clear Skin Regimen and it was working okay, until I went to the doctor at the beginning of February and got perscribed with Benzaclin. I used Benzaclin twice a day - in the morning and evening. My acne did clear up for a while but then it just came back. 6 weeks later, I went to the dermatologist. He perscribed me with Differin and a pill called Tetracycline. He told me to take the pill twice a day, use Benzaclin in the morning & Dif
  4. I've searched the boards for this Alpha Hydrox lotion but can't find any specific information that I need. Right now, I'm on Dan's Regimen, and I have been for several weeks now. The products I'm using are: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Dan's BP Gel Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF ^^ I do that morning & evening. I read reviews online for Alpha Hydrox lotion and I've read that it really helps acne and red marks. So I'm wondering if I should buy it. My main questions are: Can I used the AHA lotion
  5. Day 19 Over the weekend I had a friend sleepover and we were really busy so i didn't have a change to do the regimen until saturday night. my face is pretty broken out but hopefully it will clear up soon. my period just ended too so that probably has something to do with the acne. theres nothing else to really say. i need to order some new BP gel soon!
  6. Day 17 Well at least i THINK it's day 17. i can't believe i've stuck it out for this long. right now my skin is broken out. but im pretty sure it's because i've been picking a lot. its the weekend now so im going to try to get my skin back under control by monday for school. my skin gets SO OILY during the day and some spots are dry. i think it's because of my makeup though. i cant wait until i dont have to wear makeup anymore. also, when i dont moisturize at night my skin gets very dull lookin
  7. Day 9 Wow day 9 already. My face is still looking good. WAYYYY WAY better than it was before i ever started this regimen. my acne is so under control. my dry skin is still really bad but after i apply my moisturizer it's fine. my face is a little broken out, and a few pimples are only visible because i popped them :[ i can't stop popping haha. oh well. i'll update tomorrow or in a few days.
  8. Day 6 I can't believe it's already day 6. My skin is looking really good today. The side of my face is looking a lot better, and that's usually where my acne is the worst. My skin feels so smooth. I have a tiny breakout on the sides of my nose and it kind of just looks like a small rash of tiny red bumps. It's not that bad though. I'm really trying to stop picking and popping pimples, since i think that is what 90% of my problem is. I'm also breaking out a little on my upperlip, the area betwe
  9. I think my mild-moderate acne would be about 95% clear if i didn't pick at it & pop it. But I seriously can't stop. I'll tell myself that i'm going to stop picking forever, but whenever I get in front of a mirror, I end up popping everything on my face.. even if it wasn't even noticable. How can I stop this bad habit??
  10. I'm thinking of doing this from now on: morning & evening: cleanse with a gentle cleanser moisturize with Cetaphil I have mild-moderate acne. I was thinking of using a gentle bar soap for the cleansing... like Purpose maybe? I've never used it so I don't know if it's that good or not. But I think all my skin needs is to be clean & moist, so maybe this will clear/help my acne. Anyone have any recommendations for a cleanser/bar that leaves your face CLEAN, removes concealer/foundation,
  11. wow, 3 or 4 years? was your acne really severe? mine is mild-moderate. i can cover it up with makeup but i'm tired of wearing concealer and having a bumpy face.
  12. I'm on day 5 of the regimen and I guess I've seen a tiny bit of improvement & I feel like I'm seeing no results at all. My skin is really really dry, so I'm trying to use lots of moisturizer. But my acne is still bad. My question is, for those of you that have gotten clear from the regimen or are in the process of getting clear... how long did it take for you to see GOOD, noticable improvement? I'm afraid this regimen is just going to be one of the millions of things that doesn't work. Give
  13. i thought i wouldn't have to use moisturizer the first couple of days, but around day 4 my face started getting really really dry. so use moisturizer even if you feel like you don't need it. it helps to keep your skin in balance too.
  14. i use cetaphil gentle cleanser, clear skin regimen gel for BP, and cetaphil moisturizer with SPF How long have you been on the Clear Skin Regimen for? i haven't done the regimen yet today, but today will be day 5.
  15. right after i do the whole regimen (cleanse, BP, moisturize) my face looks good, clean, and like it's clearing up. but about an hour after i do the regimen, my face looks disgusting. i dont know why, but i look way more broken out. and during the day i also get tons of whiteheads and i can't figure out why. does this happen to anyone else? i want my face to look clean all day!