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    Denise- That's very encouraging news! Congrats on your great results and thanks for posting. I want to get this done also for my shallow scaring. Seems like people have been getting pretty great results. How many needling sessions have you had so far? And how many do you think you will need to get in total? Thanks!
  2. Frank from Transitions is an hour north of NYC. Search google for needling and Transitions and you'll find the website and all the info there. I'm also thinking of getting this done.
  3. thomas


    i also want to try needling. but i'm also afraid that it might cause more scaring. i hear that Transitions uses both a handtool and tatoo gun depending upon your type of scaring.
  4. Hi Denise Thanks for the response. I asked about having your whole face done because I have enlarged pores on my nose and the inside portions of my cheeks (by my nose) Do you think that needling these parts with a tatoo gun will help improve my pores? Thanks
  5. thomas


    hi bluerain may i ask what kind of scaring you have (enlarged pores,rolling,shallow,icepick, ect)? have you received any laser treatments in conjuctions with the needling? have you used any topicals such as CP or super CP? Maybe subcision would be a better route for you to take if you have rolling scars?
  6. Denise I would also like to try needling. Did the person who needled you use a handtool or a tatoo gun? Is one method better than the other? Also did you have your whole face needled? Thanks
  7. hi niko. i wish you the best of luck! One question: did your doc use a handtool or a tatoo gun to do the needling? Does anyone know which one is better?
  8. Hello everyone, A question for those who have had smoothbeam or N-lite: What kind of results have you seen from your procedure? Which procedure is better for treating scars? This is all so confusing! Max- Thanks for the smoothbeam and n-lite docs. Now I have to decide which procedure would be best for me.
  9. hi max, i've been looking into getting N-lite and I heard that Dr R. charges an arm and a leg. Could you please tell me the name of the doc that you went to? I'd much rather go to him/her instead of Dr R. Thanks!
  10. Max, I am in Queens but can travel. I'm interested in maybe needling and then nlite to build up collagen after needling. I only have scars, and no existing acne.
  11. Hi, I am very interested in getting N-Lite treatments. Can anyone recommend the name of a good and affordable doc in New York? Thanks!
  12. OUCH!!!!!! It'd poke out my eyes too!!!
  13. Has anyone used these cloths before? I'm kinda skeptical, but might buy them if someone here has had good results with them? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=2929511045
  14. hi maya first of all thankyou for always responding to my posts so quickly! I really appreciate it. My skin is scabing up on my inner cheeks just above my mouth! I guess the acid took off to much skin...so now it is flaky and scabby. Anyone reading this: never never try to do a lactic acid peel twice! especially if it is your first time peeling. Not good. Anyways, not the end of the world, but it looks so bad. I'm wondering if I let the skin dry up if it will flake off sooner? it