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  1. I really think that this is it for me. The last few days, I actually started giving my face a good hard look and it is amazing how bad I look. The middle of my forehead is so littered with little scars, there is not 1 mm of unscarred skin. I have blotchy spots and brown marks that look like sun damage. You can see veins underneath my eyes.....the areas around my nose are littered with little scars which look like enlarged pores but are worse...... I simply can't take it anymore. I have begged
  2. I used Retin-A .025% for about 7 years and it did jack for my acne scars. It helps with the red marks left over from old acne quite well, but it does zilch for anything resembling a pitted scar. Maybe if you move up to higher concentrations which will peel the skin more, but I really don't think Retin-A can do anything more than give a superficial peel of the skin. For scar removal, one must target several layers or even the epidermis. Actually, the past several years I was on Retin-A, I real
  3. What you say is true about decreased effectiveness of antibiotics. Once one stops working, you have to go to the next. However, I took tetracycline for 7 years and went for X-rays and other tests for my internal organs, especially the liver, and no problems were found. I think the whole "if you use antibiotics, you're screwing up your intestines and liver" is a lot of fluff as it is, though it isn't recommended that you stay on antibiotics forever. However, I know people who suffer from rosacea
  4. Eh, I had to stop using the Plexion, KK. My face was so dried out after using it and it was just making my face redder and more irritated. I'm back to using Dove for now, which should make my wallet much happier. It seems like I can't use anything these days without irritation and my skin is just such a disgrace. Damn, acne has really destroyed my life, honestly.
  5. You probably don't want to use an SPF moisturizer at night since A) you really don't need to unless you sleep in your backyard a lot and B) the SPF ingredients really don't allow your skin to breathe as well as a regular moisturizer would, which is important at night (kind of like why you don't wear contacts while you sleep at night). If I were you, I would invest in a regular moisturizer to use at night. Personally, I have tried Neutrogena's moisturizers, particularly the sensitive skin one,
  6. Well said shatangi and I'll try to add a few more tidbits: There should be no initial breakout with antibiotics, but it may take a while to see any kind of beneficial result with them (re: a month or two). However, any of us who have been prescribed antibiotics for acne soon come to realize the wonderful reality of these drugs for our problem: sure they may work for up to a year, but soon you become resistant to that particular antibiotic and must cycle through different ones to fight acne. P
  7. I used regular Retin-A .025% cream for about 7 years, only recently getting off of it since my skin (honestly, the worst skin in the world) has become a dry, irritated mess that can no longer take the abuse of Retin-A and all of these acne medications. Honestly, I never wish I would have used this stuff. Boggles the mind how something that causes the skin to peel and become irritated can truly do anything but create more skin problems. All that was said above-dry, irritated skin and more and
  8. Probably about 98% of the dermatologists out there do not offer the non-ablative lasers and will continue to offer traditional acne treatments since the laser treatment is still rather rare. I mean, do you really think a derm who doesn't do laser treatments for acne is going to refer to one that does!? I'm guessing that these lasers cost a mini fortune and a dermatologist will require a special license and training in order to use it. Let's face it, most derms don't go home after 8 hours of s
  9. I was recommended microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatments for my pretty superficial scars (though there are quite a few of them), though it seems like microdermabrasion was more highly regarded by my derm. Also said that the procedure will get rid of the blackheads on my nose which never go away. I've heard quite a few good things about microdermabrasion and most of the negative talk has been by people with deeper scars who shouldn't even bother with this treatment in the first place. But
  10. Don't have much to add except: That's great news! Pretty cool to wake up and see scars which you were so accustomed to seeing your face for years not be there anymore.....I hope to have that feeling one day! :D/
  11. No, same thing happened to me. Read my reply on this thread and notice the differences: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=5226 I never had the terrible acne I described in that post until about after year 1 of my Retin-A treatment. The cysts on my forehead just kept coming and never stopped, and all my derm did was prescribe another antibiotic pill. These cysts were strange in that they popped up and then just emptied out their contents in the span of one day, but bled like craz
  12. I was presribed Plexion cleanser, a sulfur-based cleanser for acne and rosacea, by my dermatologist, and have been noticing my skin has felt much better and my existing acne is quickly going away. It's a cream that lathers up pretty nicely and feels good on the skin, never drying or irritating like soaps or other cleansers can be. Make sure to keep it out of your eyes, though. Otherwise, the stinging will take a while to go away. The only downsides are that you need a prescription for it and
  13. Ingrown hair may lead to folliculitis, which strongly resembles acne but is not truly acne. Ingrown hairs/razor bumps are evident when the skin in your beard area is bumpy, usually obvious only in certain lights. I have this condition, particularly on one side of my face, and there are only two ways to remedy it: 1) Grow a beard (don't like them personally, not an option) 2) Get laser hair removal surgery.....this is an increasingly popular treatment for men who suffer from ingrown hai
  14. I'm sure you're quite aware by now, but you've been scammed. Just baffles me that this thread had so many people who would believe the garbage of some woman from Pakistan who claims her magic potion cures all skin woes. I really hope that this is a lesson learned by everybody who has followed this thread even leisurely, but I'm afraid there will be another cream at another time with another soulless bastard who preys on desperate innocent folks. But we've all been there at some point or t
  15. I most likely will get a series of microdermabrasions done later this year to help acne scarring and the overall appearance of my skin. It basically takes off the top layer of your skin and is quite gentle, but it can range from general skin exfoliation to a stronger scar reducing strength. It is done in a series of anywhere from 5-15 to achieve good results since it is a progressive treatment, just not one shot. However, I'm not sure what it will really do for active acne besides slough off