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  1. A woman's period will change its flow throughout the course of her life simply because her hormone levels fluctuate throughout her life. You can judge the "normalcy" of your period by taking into account the average flow of your previous periods - have you always spotted in the days leading up to it, how many days do they typically last, how often are you changing pads/tampons? My period changed when I started birth control - from 11 to 17 I had very heavy periods that lasted 5-7 days, and when
  2. Alright, I'm on Day 7 of the Regimen and so far my skin is looking and feeling great. I've not had any new breakouts, which is fantastic, but I've definitely noticed a slight increase in dryness on my cheeks just under my eyes. It's definitely manageable with the moisturizer, with which I'm absolutely in love. This is the first moisturizer I've used that is just so easy to apply, soaks in quickly, and doesn't leave my face oily-looking. I'm going to slightly increase the dosage of the BP t
  3. Hey, I'm Ashley and I'm about to turn 25 in a week (figured I'd be allowed to join this forum). I'm day 3 into my Regimen (using Dan's products) and am pretty ecstatic about starting this whole thing. Long post - sorry! A bit about my acne history: when I was starting puberty around 11, I had really bad inflammatory acne on my forehead. At that time I was the only girl with acne, and the only boy with acne once said to me, "Hey. You have acne? I do, too!" Definitely went down in my books as