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  1. I normally drink around 3 litre's a day. First two weeks and every 10 minutes I had to go. Anyways weeks later and I can gulp down a pint of water and not have to go for another hour. If I gulp down the entire liter than I gotta go quick and alot. Anyways I found if say you need to drink your 5 cups a day, Drink 2.5 cups in the morning, wait and goto the bathroom. You will probably go a few times, then sometime before bed (2 hours before) drink your next 2.5 cups, and in the next 2 hours you sh
  2. I wish I could say "im afriad of the water" Being a state champion swimmer when I was 12 doesn't help. My parents always tell me to go in the water. I say I don't want to take my shirt off at the beach in front of any girls. Then they say I'm gay...Gotta love parents. Goto the derm and start pretend sobbing at his feet and say "my god, my god, why has he forsaken me....he has bestowed this horrible burden upon my back...my god has said there is only one great thing I can do....Accutane...(derm
  3. I found my face is treatable where my back is alot less treatable. The only thing that has made me have only 1 - 2 breakouts on my back per week was extra water and a better diet. I had chinese food last night and today I can feel no pimples on my nose and chest and back. I hadn't changed anything else so I found mine seems to be connected alot to diet. I would try more water and clean t-shirts everyday and cleaning in the shower with some mild soap. So far that has worked pretty well for me.
  4. I once knew a kid in school who would make fun of my acne. Turns out in his old school (we were freshmans) he had really bad acne when he was in 8th grade. He didn't have any friends in highschool because of his acne so he made fun of me. So I kicked the crap out of him in wrestling and he shut it,
  5. I'm not on accutane so this might not work but. Whenever I have an oily nose (often) I use regular bar soap and warm water. Dries my nose up and keeps it dry for half the day or so. Might try a hand cream on the nose to see if it helps balance the moisturizing.
  6. If you see no improvement with bp I would stop and try something else. Mainly because if your like me, the BP does nothing and after a few weeks it started drying my back skin up and made the acne worse. Might want to try the Body Acne part of the forum. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showforum=33
  7. Yeah don't pick something like that. Don't even squeeze it down. If your lucky it will shrink and be a small whitehead. I once tried to squeeze stuff out of a big cyst like that....I squeeze puss and blood and white stuff but made it so much worse, took 5 weeks to die. Long time ago so I learned my lesson. Anyways try the BP on it, also put some warm water on it and maybe some mosturizer on it. Treat it very carefully and make sure you don't irritate it. The better you leave it alone the quicke
  8. I don't think it's that big a risk, for most people at least. For me when I started the no product regime I had bad facial acne and I figured it can only get better. Anyways in 2 days my forehead was clearing up like nobodies business. (I also drink 10 glasses of water a day.) My forehead is 99% clear, and almost no red marks. I have one small under the surface pimple which isn't coming up and is healing itself and is almost gone. My biggest problem areas are right under my nose and chin area. I
  9. I only drink a can of soda every 2 weeks, and have skipped the last 4 weeks!!! Water is the key that's for sure. Even if it doesn't clear your skin it makes you healthier. Also don't most sodas stain teeth?
  10. as another random guy I'll chip in and say that scars on a girls butt dont change anything for me either. UNLESS the scars are right near the entrance to the anal cavity, then I think VD.
  11. You can drink a good deal of distilled water as long as you replenish what it takes out. Salt, potassium, etc. Eat a few pretzels when you drink your 1l of distilled water anyways, a little extra salt won't hurt. If you also drink another 1l of tap water the extra pretzels should even out your levels. Maybe a bananna also.
  12. I hate raisins too, but I just shove um in and chew. Eventually you get used to it. They are a little sugary too so it's not bitter or anything. You could try eating them with bread or something. Maybe take 5 raisins start chewing and chew on some bread while you chew raisins.
  13. Do you splash your face with warm/hot water before you shave? Also dunk the razor in hot water. Helps loosen up the skin and makes cutting easier. I usually just splash with cold water after and acts like aftershave. Tightens up the skin and feels pretty good.