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  1. Mery

    Hi user, i would like to know how is your skin now after using dermaroller?

  2. I used to use hydroquinone 2%, I think its just for brown marks tho, not red. I would say either the evening primrose oil cured the acne, or the glycolic 10% nightly (and to a much lesser extent the mandelic acid). I stopped breaking out at the time I started using the evening primrose oil. However this might have just been the end of the initial breakout for the glycolic (about 1.5months). I think maybe you have to go through a breakout to get to an acne free state, as the existing acne bact
  3. mandelic acid can help acne go away quick / not scar. Also applying manuka oil to the acne while it active and after, followed by emu oil.
  4. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...p=173237#173237
  5. Everyone moans that people don't follow up when they find things that work for them, they just leave the board, so Im back to tell everyone why my acne is at least 95% better than it was 4 months ago (and for MANY years before that). My red marks / scars are at least 70% better, and improvements are ongoing. Firstly, I am female and for my acne I found that Evening Primrose oil supplements are fantastic (no other supplement I have tried, vit C, B etc really helped me). I take 2 capsules (100
  6. The only products I have found that actually work for my red marks, shallow / small pits is (and I have tried everything... normal / super CP, lactic acid 50% peels, retin-a, vinegar, godiva stuff, hydroquinine, skin culture peel...) glycolic acid 10% cream. And to a smaller extent mandelic acid 15%. I can't wait to start using stronger glycolic peels in the new year.
  7. IPL 6 treatments / no improvement Skin Culture Peel / no improvement and couldnt leave the house for 1.5 weeks! Lactic Acid 50% Peels / very little improvement retin-a (isotrex gel) / used for 1.5 years and no imporvement, just gave me lots of acne for 2 months initially
  8. Glycolic Acid 10% cream/good improvement on red marks Mandelic Acid 15% lotion/good improvement on red marks
  9. damn I wish this was available in the UK
  10. My problems was mostly red marks. Today I got woken up and my driving instructor had arrived, I thought lesson was tommorow. The first thing that ran through my mind, as usual, is how the hell am I gonna do my make up so quick. For 11 years I have never even answered the door to a delivery man unless I had my make up on. Today I looked in the mirror about to slap some make up on real quick, and I realised I didn't even need it, my god.
  11. I have seen the greatest improvement in my skin by using 15% mandelic acid night and day. Also 10% glycolic acid at night. Also doing a bentonite clay and vinegar mask a few times a week. This can dry your skin a lot and cause lots of peeling initially (I do tape method each day). I use manuka oil / emu oil combo in the day over the mandelic acid as it doesn't over moisturiserize and it still allows the skin to peel. I use clean & clear blackhead scrub as a face wash morning and night.
  12. I live in the UK and I ordered from homepeels on 11th September 2003 (so 11 weeks ago). I am still waiting for my order to turn up. Around 3 weeks ago they said they had re-sent it and it would arrive within 5 days, it did not. Despite not sending my order they normally respond to my emails fairly prompty. However, they have not responded to the last three in which I mentioned the dreaded word "refund". I am now going to have to use Mastercard card protection to recover my $127.90. I have als
  13. When I gave up smoking (just under 2 months ago) I noticed a good initial improvement in my face / red marks / scars. I think the improvement was short lived, or I just got used to it. My skin just looks better / worse according to what mood Im in typically. However, I know giving up smoking helped cos I was in a bad mood, hehe, and my skin still looked better
  14. I cant find Clean & Clear Continuous Control in UK either. I dont think its available here. Just like everything people have found to be effective in US. grr.
  15. They charged me when I made the order, so 9 weeks + ago. I have emailed them again, and said i will be requesting a refund if it doesnt arrive soon. I ordered glycolic peels 30% and 40%.