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  1. I'm thinking of trying the supplements you've mentioned but I'm wondering are they safe from any serious side effects?
  2. http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.3109/09513590.2013.860118 this article made me worried :/
  3. I had problems with my period as well during accutane!
  4. Hey may i ask.. Did you experience any side effects after being on it for so many multiple times?
  5. Your experience sounds exactly like mine, except i havent got my hormones etc tested:) its nice to know that i wasnt the only one
  6. I will definitely try this! I've been having uti and closed comedones all over my faces too! Will see how it goes and update here:)
  7. I can't deal with this anymore. I took two courses of accutane. it wasnt until after the second course that i saw drastic difference on my skin. it is very sensitive and dry, it tears easily and the smallest pimples cause scars that are similar with those left by a cyst. I cant take this post accutane madness anymore. I constantly worry if i have roasacea or not. I constantly worry about my health after seeing such drastic.change in my skin. i cannot focus on my studies because i spend hours
  8. Hi! I weight around 40kgs too and I took accutane for a year! 10mg everyday. After that I remained clear for two years and starting breaking out mildly again and went on another course for 5 months
  9. thank you ! I'm currently using cetaphil's gentle cleanser because my skin is very sensitive and fragile! It turns red and gets more bumpy when try to use moisturisers too so I stopped using any. I tried tea tree oil but it didn't do anything for my face. I started using fucidic acid cream and it heals my pimples really fast. I'm really afraid to use exfoliators because of my sensitive skin! Is it for sensitive skin?actually I don't know how to count and I didn't know that there were different d
  10. Hello everyone, just a little background of my skin. I took accutane when I was 15-16. A year of low dose at 10mg per day ( I weigh 42kg ). My skin remained clear until I was 18. Although my skin wasnt that clear,I still only have the occasional one or two cystic acne, nothing severe but my derm insist that i go on accutane again for another 5 months. My face was perfect for the 5 months. 20mg per day for the first month and then 10mg per day. After coming off of accutane this time, my skin went
  11. Hello.. What was your dosage on your first and second round and what is your weight?
  12. Hello, thank you for responding! I haven't got my thyroid checked specifically but I think it was checked in my bloodtest and my doc didn't say anything about it.