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  1. I've had these small bumps on my cheeks, nose, under nose and around the chin area for around 2 years. I have redness on my nose and cheeks and I highly suspect it being rosacea. But these small bumps have been bothering me for the longest time. BHA doesn't get rid of them nor exfoliating. I am going to try oil cleansing soon but I also have suspicions it could be fungal. At this point I don't know what it is and some help/opinion would be greatly appreciated. They also seem to spread more and
  2. I'm sure you won't have any bad effects if you took those supplements all together. But I am sure multivitamins, zinc and evening primrose oil might cause initial breakout because I've heard they do from others. If you're sensitive to B vitamins or biotin in multivitamin, it's better to find one without them. I tried zinc before but I ended up breaking out. BUT I heard of many great reviews on it so maybe it won't be bad for you. I never tried evening primrose oil but I've read of complaints whe
  3. I'm in university right now and I've suffered a lot of emotional hardship as I battled my acne. In highschool, I used a topical from a dermatologist and for a year or so, it worked until one day, I broke out TERRIBLY bad overnight. Everyday, I looked at people with clear skin (I still do) and wondered why my skin wasn't like them. Why my friends didn't go through what I did. What hurt me the most back then was when people teased me about how huge my pimples were or how red I looked. Acne really
  4. I purchased a whey protein powder for bodybuilding and mass gain. Before, I used a different brand and I had mild to sometimes, no acne. After I purchased a different brand, once or twice, I would breakout in small acne (jaw and cheeks) for about 3-4 days before it calmed down. And the breakout came again 4 days ago when I consumed the shake late at night. Do you think there is any ingredient here that might be causing this? I was thinking it was the B6. http://precisionsupplements.ca/wp-conten
  5. It's been over 3 months since I've visited this forum ^^ I am back here to update you on my acne and my current regimen. First, I hardly get any acne anymore.. maybe once a month that is not that noticeable and disappears within a few days. I've been taking garlic pill (bulb) - one at night, vitamin e - one at night, vitamin d - one at morning and night, vitamin c - one at morning and night, alpha lipoic acid - one at morning and night, bee propolis - one at night. The most important pill that i

    Is This Acne Scar Or Rosacea

    I found out that what I have is dermatitis since my face was quite itchy before. To conquer this, I am taking garlic bulb pills and grape fruit seed extract and it has helped tremendously.

    Acne Only On Jawline?

    You should check out my thread about going on a regimen without initial breakout. I used to have really bad acne like you but it changed as soon as I started the regimen by testing many different products and stopping any irritants on the face. First, I only wash my face with a gentle cleanser. I don't use BP or any other harsh products because something more "natural" is better for you. In the past, I tried prescribed topicals and orals but it eventually broke me out again after I stopped it li
  8. Well, I added 2 more things and replaced one. I added grape fruit seed extract for candida and vitamin d3 with magnesium. I replaced garlic pill with garlic "bulb" pill which I found in target. Candida is basically like a fungal bacteria that can cause acne because it excretes the toxins through the face if there is a build up of the yeasts. So, I tested it at home where I took a glass of water in the morning and spit into it. If legs form and then sink to the bottom within 3-4 minutes, you have
  9. Umm if you want to take the powder form, you take a spoon and fill it up half of it or more. Then, you take a sip of water (just a little bit) and don't swallow it. Open your mouth wide, put it in your mouth, and drink lots of water. When I first tried it, I hated the taste.
  10. I've gotten rid of a lot of my acne cleared from my regimen posted on another thread.. but I still seem to have these acne red marks along with redness.. and I was wondering what this redness has to do with? Is it acne scar or rosacea? I am currently using aloe vera to help with the redness but I can't get rid of it.. and I went to the dermatologist a month ago and when I mentioned rosacea, they just ignored the subject and said that I only have acne.
  11. I've attached the photo here to show you my current acne state.. as you see my face isn't inflamed anymore and left with a few marks:D
  12. Ugh I just realized I spelt road wrong.. oh well So, I posted back a while ago about turmeric and garlic helping acne. It surely did help. But, I am here again to sum up what I have done over the months where I spent over 100 dollars on different pills just to find the perfect regimen. My initial fear was the initial breakout from using facial products. So, I went through the "pill" route and tested a couple of different pills: vitamin a, d, e, c, b5, multivitamin, garlic, turmeric, bee-pol
  13. GUYS I FOUND MY CURE!!! So basically starting 2 weeks ago, I took vitamin E pills as well as garlic pills. After the first week, I noticed that my redness reduced A LOT. I was guessing that it was from vitamin E pills. Garlic pills seem to have made those little bumps on my face disappear as well as help with the redness. The past 2 days, I improved a lot. As a side note, I also drank at least 2 cups on water on a very large container. It DEFINITELY hydrated my skin and seemed to help the pills
  14. Well, I got the krill oil in the mail and after about 3-4 days of trying it, it actually seemed to irritate my redness. I noticed this because before I took it, I would look at the mirror to see mild redness. But after about an hour, my face turned moderately red. And also, it gave me 4 more pustules that does not seem like acne. As an update, I recently purchased garlic pills for my rosacea (or any other disease) and I read that it helps with redness because it contains sulfur and antifung
  15. Great news. After I stopped all of the supplements since yesterday and only taking turmeric with milk (I reduced my milk intake), my skin redness reduced and it is less swollen now. I only take turmeric at night but I am going to try to add it in the morning too. In a week, I will also be trying krill oil and see if it helps with my face. I guess, the simpler your regimen is, the better it is. I have learned from my mistakes in the past to NOT overdo anything on your face, just use a gentle clea