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  1. Thanks, i'll have a look for it tomorrow. I just want to find something that doesn't make my face look like it could be an oil field. It's strange. BP never used to dry me out when i just used it without knowing about a regime. Now that i'm on a regime it drys my skin quite a lot and leaves it looking red if i use it every day. However, even with BP on my face it is still very oily after moisturizer. Imagine sweat. It's like that. I'll have a look to see if i can get the moisturizer at boots.
  2. Thanks for the help underneath32. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations that I can get in the UK? I've tried, Cerave, Clean and Clear, Oilatum, Garnier shine be gone and Sunsense. Some of them feel fine until maybe two hours after application. My face gets all greasy and very shiny. It doesn't matter whether i put them on after Epiduo or in the morning.
  3. I'd love to try it, but the shipping costs are just too high for me. I'll look at reviews but i feel it's such a waste that i keep buying new moisturizers to see if one doesn't make my face greasy.
  4. I just can't seem to find the right moisturizer, every one i've tried has left my ski with a slick layer on it even the non oil ones and ones for acne. Are their alternatives?