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  1. i just went out and bought the "regenerist night recovery CREAM". Is this the same thing as the night recovery moisture treatment that you use?
  2. im still breaking out consistently and ive been on accutane for 3 1/2 months now. Is this normal? because i'm really starting to get mad.
  3. Why come on this website, just to scare people out of taking accutane. Get something better to do with your time. Im on here because im on accutane currently, so far i feel great and would like to talk to others about their non-biased experience on accutane, and share with them my experience as well.
  4. I agree with SCOLIGIRL also. People need to stop comming on this site and posting all these horror stories about accutane, when in reality, they are very rare. Most people don't even experience anything worse than chapped lips and dry skin . It's rather selfish that you might be scaring some people away from a chance to get clear skin and confidence back in their life. I think i'll happily take the risk of side-effects, thank you very much. Give me those dice and i will roll the shit outta them.
  5. yeah i use my old proactive repairing lotion to spot treat too. I even use retin a everynite still because im afraid if i stop using it im gonna have a crazy break out. what should i do???
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, your aweseome. Ya well i know the accutane is doing SOMETHING cuz my skin isn't oily at all anymore. It was so great; i went to a halloween party last night and i was not all self-concious about my oily face and wasn't afraid to talk to girls.
  7. well im on day 35 at 60mg/day now, but my acne is just is bad as it was before i even started my course. Is this normal, i need some encouragement cuz im feeling down.
  8. This is a lot easier said than done. If it was that easy to just change your way of thinking, no one would be suffering in the first place.
  9. well, i assume that if you are predisposed to hair loss through genetics, then im sure you'd have a better chance of losing hair. I have no hair loss anywhere in my family, and i have very thick hair too. Hopefully that will keep me from losing any hair, but so far my hair hasn't been shedding at all and looks just as thick as ever.
  10. you need to stop scaring people about the hair loss. It is a RARE side effect. I know tons of people who are years post tane, NOT ONE HAS EXPERIENCED HAIRLOSS. Keep your negativity to yourself, its cuz of people like you i ALMOST didnt go on tane, thank god i went by what i have seen in my friends and not by people on this site.
  11. i only had mild occasionally very moderate acne to begin with. However i started accutane yesterday and today i have a lot of new zits, and some of them are big red ones. Is this normal? im starting to get really nervous.
  12. because a lot of people dont have an initial breakout. However almost everyone on this site will swear you will get one because they are all negative and will only tell you the negative thigns about accutane and all the side effects which only occur in a rare amount of people. I have like 5 friends who took accutane, no initial breakout and i dont think one of them had any serious side effects. People on this site are really negative and dont realize that if it happened to them they are just a s
  13. shit man, you sound just like me. I am going through exactly the same thing with my g/f. Just try to concentrate on her and not your skin.