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  1. I love how positive you all sound. I feel like I'm in a downward spiral of picking due to stress and stress b/c I picked. I cant seem to get past my day one. each day I do more and more damage. any advice? I've read all the tips but nothing seems to work. :/ thanks
  2. Paige - I'm glad you are feeling better. Don't beat yourself up over it. I'm still impressed you can go that long without picking I'm with you Jane. The hardest part is getting past day one. I'm still trying. I have yet to have a full day one. I've had a half a day (I usually pick right after my showers in the AM and PM). Something has to give for me to stop, I just cant see it. stress of the holidays Is not helping and my dry winter skin is making me break out more. plus I star
  3. me again. it's been awhile since I've posted here myself. I love reading everyones successes and nots. It makes me feel like i'm not alone. I keep trying to go just one day without picking. It's hard this stressful holiday season. I picked this morning at something that only I could see. why!!!? who the hell knows! tomorrow will also be my new day 1. i'm with you all! we can do this
  4. wow 6 days without picking. awesome!!! I'm jealous! I've been keeping a log book and I cant seem to go two days without picking. I feel like I have idle hands. aggrrr I have been doing better, but I want so bad to stop too. thanks for letting me vent. All your posts give me strength and I realize I'm not alone.
  5. Thanks for the link!!! I'm actually thinking about going to one of the support groups. It'll be hard for me. I feel so embarrassed. I only recently told everything to my husband, and i've known him for 10 years! He knew i had the problem, but not the deep emotional stress that goes with it. It was great to finally tell him. I know the anx feeling all too well. Even just this morning i picked a small pimple on my cheek and chin. now i'm so scared and anxious that it will get infecte
  6. I've been reading the same book.! I too have this issue with anxiety and picking. it's awful. sometime I cant sleep at night knowing what I just did to my face. I love the contract! I will also sign it and tape it in my bathroom. thanks ! we can do this!!!! hugs
  7. Has anyone tried a homemade Gelatin & milk mask to remove blackheads? i'm wondering about the side effects? i dont want to make things worse. my forhead is a mess because i keep messing with them. i know i know thanks!
  8. Hi. Yes it is, but it sounds like your skin needs to adjust to it. Try only using it every other day. i find that in the summer/humidity i can use it twice a day without side effects but come winter i have to use it every other day. Too drying in the dry winter air. i also use an non-comedogenic (wont clog pores) moisturizer right after i get out of the shower / before I use my BP. I’ve tried many moisturizers....you'll have to find one that's right for you....get ready to spend some $$$..
  9. Hello, i just saw your posts. I recently had my thyroid levels checked and they came back eleveated. I too have really oily skin and breakouts. Is there a connection? did the treatments help? thanks!
  10. Thanks ! That's about what I do. I'm not that mean to myself. Brrrrrrr lol I have to lay off the products too. Too much acne meds make me irritated. So between lowering the shower temp and taking a medicine break, I'm hoping to rejuvinate. I'm going to try a rose water too. I hear its nice and soothing. Aloe didn't do too much for me. Thanks again
  11. After doing some reading I’ve come to the conclusion that my showers are WAY too hot. no no no not like that LOL I love a scalding hot shower but my skin does not. I turned down the temp and immediately saw a difference. I wasn’t so red and irritated when i got out of the shower. I also splashed with cold water at the end (just on my face. brrrr) i use to do this a long time ago but i guess i got out of the habit. time to get back in. I shivered the entire time but I’l
  12. hey gang. sorry i havent written in a while. question.... Has anyone tried using rose water to help combat redness and minor acne? Often my acne meds make me really irritated, depending on the weather and how much i use. i've cut back to every other day b/c it was too much. My big zits are clear but i still get dry patches and black heads, and small irritated bumps that i can't help but scratch at. i know i know BAD habit. Any advice would be awesome! i just ordered a small bot
  13. It's been a while since I’ve posted something. Nothing really good has changed. still breaking out. Still sad and frustrated. still picking AGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR! I’m less dry and flaky b/c of my new moisturizer with i love but i still get red and irritated. also small papules because of the irritation. Has anyone tried using rose water to help combat redness and minor acne? Often my acne meds make me really irritated, depending on the weather and how much i use. i've cut back to
  14. holy f**king shit! that is bad. I thought i was bad, but that really is sad her before and after is insane. this has scared me to death.. I think i'm going to watch this video again and again when I feel an urge to pick. but I also realise help is a must. dr phil said "The good news is that neither of you have disfigured yourself to the point that you can't return to completely normal in terms of your skin. You haven't gone too far, but you're getting close, really? i would have though
  15. Hey check this out. Dr Phil actually talked about this on Thurday's show. It's the first time I've seen anyone talk about this on TV. http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/2137