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  1. I don't think I'm able to get that in UK Been a man I get bored easily messing about with potions just need something to keep those blackheads out really, I'll try a better exfoliator. But as acid's go and that side of things I have sensitive skin and before when I have used nose strips my nose goes very red and seem to get a large raised red spot on my nose again. Also I produce a lot of sebum out of my pores during the day, (which if I'm right in saying is what causes the majority of blackh
  2. Im new on here so go lightly :3 Last November I started to get raised very red angry bumps on my nose, just one at a time. They lasted for average a week at a time sometimes came to a whitehead and were popped and went completely after 2 days. Sometimes they didnt go for upto 2 weeks and never came to a head. I started using a cleansing lotion in the morning and purifying lotion at night aswell as washing with an exfoliater both AM & PM. The bumps seemed to quiet down a bit and had maybe o