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  1. what is portrait plasma skin regeneration
  2. hydroqunine or lower concen say 10% glycolic acid based cream
  3. yeh it helps .do patch test first.start with 12.5% then slowly graduate it up.
  4. 4 layer 25% TCA what were you thinking. DO PATCH TEST FIRST SEE ITS RESULT THEN ONLY IF +ve GO FOR IT> i want to do 20% or 2 layer 15% for that i am researching.though i might skip patch test :: but its recomended to do patch test first. 25% is what recomended atmost for a full face treatment and if you are indian/asian do not more then 20% because peel >= 20% comes into medium depth peel . for your problem use emollient or cellspray(search for it )
  5. user name password ????????????????????????
  6. try TCA it is chep and more effective then lactic,glycolic and have down time of 1 week .
  7. after how many days could i use 17.5%TCA peel after having 12.5%TCA.
  8. it has improved my skin tone and i am still peeling its 8th day its a refreshing peel .my next peel would be of 17%. when could we use peel again.
  9. there are many treatment- hydroqunine retin glycolic acid TCA (see http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=57868) vit c laser i think TCA and laser would be better ←