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  1. In the US and getting prescribed new brand of Accutane soon, we'll see how that works for me.
  2. The real question is did the B5 work? Also it should be noted Are you sure you haven't developed Celiac disease or IBS or IBD? It's easy to blame other things on those. Source: I have IBD with severe acne Ps. Did the b5 really work? I want to try it.
  3. Thanks for the replies Accutane and IBD are not related, I am a firm believer in that.The actual increase in chance of UC(none for crohns) was .1%(and for all the studies was nearly the same) which can be accounted for coincidence and just pure nature of things. If anything Accutane helps IBD as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Anyway I stopped taking it I am just waiting on my doctor, the one I took may be coated differently as it reads "take with food" and the other read "take with mi
  4. I started accutane a couple days ago, I've taken 3 pills already however even after only 1 pill my stomach has been killing me sharp pain like my acid is on fire and bubbling. Also I eat a lot before taking it and also take it with milk even. Also, I suffer from an unknown form of inflammatory bowel disease which causes internal bleeding. Is this normal on accutane?