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    I can't recall if low cortisol is a sign of CAH, but you should ask your doctor to test your 17-OHP levels for this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congenital_adrenal_hyperplasia
  2. I took two rounds of accutane and tons of antibiotics, birth control, and OTC stuff for face, back and chest acne. Now I am 35 and was csuffering from bad cystic acne on my bad and moderate acne on my face. Spiro has been the only thing that has helped - 75 mg since May 2014 - i am mostly acne-free (just blackheads and maybe 1 cyst a month). My hormonal levels were also normal. I feel for you. If you didn't use spiro for a good long while, I would suggest you try it again.
  3. I've been on 50 to 75 mg of spiro since May. No feminizing effects.
  4. Interesting. I vape and had not had any skin changes.
  5. I am taking spiro mostly for back acne that is cystic. I also have acne on my face, but not like the cysts on my back. I took 50mg for 3 months, and upped it to 75mg for the last 5 months. I have noticed quite an improvement in my face (less oil, basically no pimples, still have blackheads), and some improvement on my back. I still get cysts - maybe 5 a month instead of 15-20 before. My chest is much improved. I think it is slowly working and that i probably need to be on 100mg to see really
  6. So I am five months into taking spiro for body acne, face acne and facial hair. I started with 50mg and upped to 75mg a day three months in. I thought I'd post for others taking it or thinking about taking it. I have not had any negative side effects. I have had some fatigue lately but I think that is unrelated to the spiro and more related to life stress. I have: -lost about 8 pounds and less appetite -less oily skin and hair (I can get away without washing my hair every day now)
  7. I have had moderate scalp acne on and off. I need to use products without sls or parabens or I get scalp breakouts. I highly recommend the live clean brand apple cider shampoo. Not medicated but I have not had any scalp acne since I started using it. Not sure it is readily available in the us, but it is super cheap in Canada. GL.
  8. I have been on Spiro 50mg for just over two months for face and body. Some progress on my face, not so much on my back. I used to get cysts on my face but less so in the past few years (I am 34) but immediately before I started Spiro, I have moderately oily and congested skin - tons of blackheads on my chin, sides of mouth, jawline and cheekbones. Forehead was oily but totally clear for years. I would get whiteheads and red inflamed pimples, especially around the second half of my cycle. I
  9. My acne came back about 2 years after my first course. Did a second course and was clear for another two years, and then it came back again after I went off birth control. It creeped up over a few months. That was 7 years ago and I still have it. Sorry I know that is not what you want to hear. Hope it clears for you!
  10. Ditto re meeting someone familiar with it! I did a ton of research on it when I was being tested and I find endocrinology and hormonal pathways really fascinating. And hopefully our posts help others on here! I don`t know if I was normal on that chart - I got a copy of my ACTH stimulation test results but they use a different measuring system in Canada, not ng/dl, and I wasn't able to find the normal range online in the units on the results. The endo said they were normal, so I just went
  11. I'm pretty sure that the 17O being elevated ( unless lab error ) are not normal. I hope Spiro works for ya. I'm a true believer now that acne happens for a reason. But maybe consider investigating it later. I went through a lot of bad endos who were, well, wrong. Sometimes it takes repeated testing. There are also two ACTH types--the long time and the short I believe, according to my support group. One lasts longer than the other. Mild cases ( which is what most of them are anyway ) still requ
  12. No, pretty sure I don't have it. My 17OHP blood levels were elevated (my serum ACTH levels were normal, as were testosterone levels), so my GP referred me to an endo who did the ACTH stimulation test, which came back totally normal (meaning I did not dump 17OHP and the cortisol levels they saw were what you would expect in a non-NCAH person). So my endo concluded that I don't have CAH. Not sure why my 17OHP levels were elevated but I had been using natural progesterone cream the month bef
  13. Brenmc, that was me - my endo said spiro might be an treatment option when I was being tested for CAH. I don't know why she said that though except maybe she thought if I had it, it would be mild enough that I would not need cortisol supplementation. I think the word "enzyme" is confusing (medically correct, but confusing). As I understand it, you cannot get this enzyme from food - your body knows how to make it or it doesn't and you have CAH.
  14. I was tested for this (via a ACTH stimulation test) because I had high 17-OHP on a routine hormonal blood panel. My ACTH came back normal, so I didn't have it. But it did open my eyes to the possibility that this might be a common reason some people have persistent adult acne (and why it runs in families). Wishclean, if you are interested, I found the diagrams at this link to be helpful to understand how low cortisol as a result of CAH leads to increased androgens. http://blog.lib.umn.edu