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  1. emilyt

    Advice Required

    What sort of treatments are you thinking of? Are you wanting to try the Regimen?
  2. emilyt

    Foundation On The Regimen?

    I know you said you don't want a powder, but I switched to Bare Minerals while going on the Regimen and I could feel the flakes but not really see them, which was a great improvement from the flakes I had while using proactiv.
  3. emilyt

    Three Weeks - Acne Free!

    Maybe this is not right for you. I essentially followed the Regimen only changed how I took off my makeup and eventually lessened the BP rather than increase it. I think my skin is very sensitive, and I did not know it. I also think not being able to clean off all my makeup at night with the products I was using, was not helping my acne. So that is just me. I posted my experience to help others who may be in a similar situation. When I was starting the Regimen it was helpful for me to read other
  4. emilyt

    Three Weeks - Acne Free!

    I posted a before/after picture. The before picture was actually taken the second day of the regimen, but you can still see everything that was going on. That was pretty typical for my entire face. I feel like the after picture makes my skin look more red? But I checked in the mirror and it doesn't seem unusually red so I don't know if it's the lighting or what. So there you go.
  5. emilyt

    Untitled Album

  6. emilyt

    Three Weeks - Acne Free!

    Thanks for your helpful comment. I hope you find something that works for you as well.
  7. emilyt

    End Result?

    Why does it take an hour? I would not use accutane, but that's just me. You could probably just apply everything in the shower to avoid having to do the routine in front of everyone. What is your routine?
  8. I am 24 years old. I had little to no acne as a teenager, but once I hit 19-20 it was like acne-karma came around and hit me hard. My skin is dry (I also live in an arid climate), but often will get very oily on typical summer days on my forehead, chin and nose. My acne is moderate-severe. It depends on the time of year. Winter is especially bad for me, and summer seems to be the best. I have used: Proactiv, (2.5% and 10%), Murad, Philosophy (purity and the acne cleanser), Clean & Clear ac