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  1. Hi Beautifulambition, I did about 4-5 treatments of V-Beam would helped the redness. It's still pretty red though. My derm also tested electrosuergery on some of the sabaceous hyperplasmia but I noticed the bumps came back after about 2-3 weeks. She tested about 10 different bumps big and small. Is this normal? Edit: Also how do I find a GOOD derm in my area? My current derm has good reviews but she is always rushing with her patients so I don't feel like she really cares about each individ
  2. Hi, I have had horrible acne since freshman year of highschool. Now i'm in my 30's and only get the occasional pimple but it goes away fairly quickly without leaving a scar. My PIE and Scarring, on the other hand, has been the same for 10+ years. The redness has faded VERY SLOWLY over the years but doesn't seem to be fading any more. What are my options? Sorry for the blacked out marker. I'm embarrassed
  3. What derma stamp do you recommend? I see you used jglobalsales but I only see them selling 1.5mm dermastamps, not .5mm or 1mm
  4. After you have applied everything. Should you shield your face from rain or water in general so it doesn't remove all your moisturizer and BP?